You are the price

You are the greatest asset

These past days have been awesome for me, there has been a transformation in my life.

Sometimes we have failed to understand that we are the most valuable asset on earth. We are worth more than gold than all the valuables on earth, we are priceless.

We need to see this worth in us so we don’t let the devil lie to us. We need to know who we are in Christ and resist the devil whenever he tries to tell us otherwise.

The devil brings worries and doubt but the Lord has given us peace. Don’t worry or complain when you face issues hand it over to God to take control.

The truth is everyone faces challenges, that’s life and it’s inevitable but God rescues us in times of trouble.

Seek ye first the kingdom and his righteousness and every other thing (wealth, wisdom, health, prosperity, understanding )shall be added unto you.

Sometimes we think following the devil way will be faster but that’s a lie. There’s no magic, you still have to work hard and be patient and serve him. The devil does not give and not collect back from you.

Whatever he gives to you, there’s a price . He doesn’t need the wealth, he needs you cause he knows your worth.

Guide your heart with all diligence for you are the price. Why do you think the world is in a battle, why do you think the devil wants to give you the world cause he needs you to serve him.

Why do you think the devil is rebellious and in a defeated battle over your soul, he knows worth and wants to turn you away from God. Your soul is what he needs, therefore he tells you a lie and makes you believe in it so much that it seems like the truth.

Goodnews is that God has already placed him under our feet, so the devil has no power over us. You are the price so don’t be a lover of all things and lose the battle.

The most valuable asset is you but you have been made to believe that cars, private jets, clothes, and money are the most valuable making you trade our gold for bronze.

You go down the lane without knowing who you are. Walking like steel down the path of dirt instead of walking like a king down the clean diamond street.

Know who you are for you are the price

If you know who you are and how much power you yield then you will know you don’t need any devil to bless you but with the power of your mouth and your heart fixed on the things of God your creator who has given you all things. You will say to the mountains move and it shall move. You will command things to come before you and it will come.

The devil is a deceiver and he blocks good things from coming to you. Resist the devil and he will flee. God has given us all things just for us to claim it. Don’t go after the latest it will fade away.

You are the latest, your soul is worth more than all the golds on earth for all these things are in Christ Jesus and you shall inherit them so be diligent and fight a good fight for you are the price.


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