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Womanity is humanity

This new month I would be going through a series titled ” womanity ” . last month , I talked on ” you are awesome ” guiding you through self worth and helping you realize your passion. I hope you learnt from it . well this new month let’s look at something new .

A woman is a human . if you are to define the word “woman ” do not separate it from humanity . I’ll start by giving an understandable definition of Humanity. Humans are man and woman , flesh and blood , body , soul and spirit . The soul can also be known as the mind , this is where feelings and thoughts reside . so a human is either a man or a woman who has a soul , body and spirit who is capable of thoughts and feelings.

With the definition of a human being set out let’s define womanity . A woman is a being who is capable of anything and everything , she has the right to life and choice , she is a complete being that does not need anyone to complete her but like every human she needs companionship and family . she can also decide on not wanting both , that does not make her less of a human or more. She is a woman and a woman is a human .

You are a woman , you are not supposed to get angry ! He said in a loud voice .

I sat on a chair facing two men , my mother was present also . the second man walked into the office when he’s friend told him ” they said they have 20,000naira to pay us ” . ” never , let the heavens come down I will never take it ” he shouted at the top of his voice and walked out of us .

There was a sudden rush of adrenaline up to my head, my heart began to pound , it raced like I was running the Lagos marathon only that I was here in warri, Nigeria . just like a boiling water , my anger boiled until it poured out of my mouth . ” what’s the meaning of that , is it because of small money that guy disrespected us ” I turned to my mom “let’s get out of here mom , I will pay them their money , how can he just start shouting at us “. My mom tried to calm me down for I was already up on my feet ready to leave .

I respected the fact that my mother was there and sat down . the disrespectful man walked back into the office and took his seat . he looked at me and could see the big frown on my face , my mom said “my child is getting angry, we came here to talk to you not shout ” . I loved the fact that she could talk to me and I’ll listen . she knows sometimes I can get out of control . she knows I’m like a boiling water and I could pour all over the floor hurting anyone that comes in my way but today I listened and kept shut .

The man looked at me and said ” you are a woman , do women get angry ” he said in disgust . oh lord save this man from my mouth, save this man I prayed within me for I know I have a very bad mouth . my mother gave me the eye telling me not to say anything. As she talked she constantly looked at me hoping I wouldn’t say anything .

The battle in my my mind started .

What hypocrite of a man , asking me if a woman is supposed to be angry . if not for my mom I would have showed him who an angry woman is so he can just tag me angry and disrespectful. How can he say I’m not meant to be angry yet he is the one getting angry and shouting at us , I’m I not human .

After much deliberation I walked out of the office leaving my mom there with them cause the meeting was unfruitful and insulting . I never said a word to the man but I judged him , crucified him and sentenced him to torture for abusing a woman’s right to anger in my mind .

This gave rise to this topic womanity is humanity . I decided on sharing my thoughts on this because the world today has modeled us as perfect without errors , no bad feelings only the good one and if negative feelings are displayed by us they judge and condemn us .

Today I’m letting you all know a woman is a human and humans do get angry , humans do get all the type of feelings . we feel everything and we can do anything just like a man can . the right statement that man was supposed to say to me was

Why are you angry ? You need to control your anger , displaying anger is not good , so learn to control yours .

This would make me feel human cause we need to have control of our feelings at all times. Thank you for reading up to this point . tomorrow I’m going to be sharing on ” what makes you a woman “.

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