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When should you get married ?

Each day as I move across the surface of the earth, I see married people. On my social media platform especially Facebook, I see young ones, some I know others I don’t, get married.

congratulations fill the air bursting my screen guard, I even join in congratulating Β them but one question that springs up in mind is

Why did they get married?

When should you get married

I’m not an enemy of progress oh πŸ’† I like the fact that they are married, it’s a good thing but just why? Nowadays so many girls get married because they are tired of being single and they think marriage will solve their problem.



As enlightened as our world is people still get married because they want to bear the name married woman. When you call them married woman their head opens up and a garden of flower springs up, they are so happy and they go ” yes oh ! God bless my hubby “. OK oh, sister well done.

Some men marry because they need someone to Cook and clean, bros you need a house help, not a wife. Some marry because it’s a competition among their circle, first to get married. Some because it’s genuine but how can I tell, am I them? no! So let me mind my business abeg.



I was at the corridor teaching a child when I heard shouts coming from the next compound. The tone was loud and filled with frustration and anger. It was so loud that everyone could hear and you could easily detect that the woman was fed up.



” Why am I even married to you, what have you done for me since you married me. I’m the only one that takes care of myself in this house, is it not better to stay in my mother’s house than be married to you “



Those words stroked me so hard and I asked again, why are you married?

Divorce is a leading case in the world, the rate at which people buy asoebi and go for marriages every Saturday is the same rate at which people divorce every day.


When I’m tired of this marriage thing. God, please give me a husband that has sense and fears you oh because I can’t be like all these women πŸ™

Now back to my topic

why did you get married

When I see all these issues in marriages, I am totally confused and 50% of these problems are caused by the men. Here in Africa some men still have this ignorant mentality that a woman is supposed to stay at home, to be submissive and take care of the kids and do the domestic chores

Consider this first before marriage

Before marriage, a woman must know the kind of man she would get married to. Most people are married just because of the party. They just want the ceremony, the white gown, it’s just a moment in time after that then comes the real deal.

Why should you get married

Responsibility: If you are not responsible for yourself as a man or a woman you don’t have a business with being responsible for someone else. You have to be financially independent, emotionally, mentally. Marriage is work oh, it’s not for babies, you have to grow up and take responsibility for yourself before you can be able to take responsibilities for others



Purpose: If you have not found God’s purpose for your life, please go and discover your life before you get caught in the web of marriage that you can’t come out from. Some discover themselves in relationships and it ends up being a disaster because their eyes are now open and they don’t see the kind of man they want in their partner how do you then cope, well I was like that. Discover who you are and know who you are.



Happiness: If you are not satisfied with yourself or happy with life please don’t get married cause you can’t tie your happiness to another person. Marriage is not supposed to make you happy, you should be happy with yourself then when you come together you add to your happiness. Not that you are a sadist and you want to marry a happy man so that he can make you happy, please go and look for your joy.



Readiness: Most important of all, marry when you are ready. Don’t let anyone pressure you into marriage. I’m just chilling with my God while I sip coffee and write and do what he wants me to do. If the thing never reaches nor rush be ready first.

As for me and marriage, let it wait. The right kind of man will come. This life I can’t kill myself oh. You know that song abi πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Marriage nor be competition, if you run into it as e dey hot, the fire goes burn you come outside. Develop yourself and know the kind of person that fits you and above all be the kind of person you want.

Please share your thoughts, I want to know what you think? I also stand to be corrected

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  • Macdonald Akhirome

    Well, what more can one say, when in all honesty, the writer has translated the essence of marriage, into very practical and elementary considerations that surely stand the test of time.

    I read sometime in someone’s blog that its the same word that was used in describing the holy spirit as our “helper”, that was also used in describing the woman as a “help mate”!!!

    The strength of a woman ought ordinarily to be seen in the light of the subtle yet spiritual strength that she brings to humanity. What we however have today, is a complete derogation!!! Womanhood have become a true reflection of lost manhood, where the lust of the eyes have taken over the function of the mind to truly visualise (see) God’s purpose for humanity.

    May God help us!

    • D_analyzt

      Thank you so much Sir for your comment . blessing appreciates and you have given me an insight to the topic of the holy ghost and women .

      Now I’m pondering on it and it makes sense a lot , if only our women can understand their true nature and the world Christ has called them into and men able to recognise this place they are called into the world would be a better place .

      This is why we are witness and we won’t let darkness take over our world , we would educate people so they can come into this knowledge .

      Thank you once more

  • Ibukun

    Smiles. Don’t get tired of this marriage thing jare. It’s honorable and lovely when it involves two responsibile individuals with the right perspective. – that’s how God structured it. As always, it’s possible to make a shipwreck of the best of things when the purpose/essence of it is not understood. Just like you said, many folks go into marriage with everything but without the right reasons/motivations. When that’s the case, wahala go dey. Marriage don’t fail or get better in vacuum. Most marriages fail because the individuals in them have failed to understand the essence of marriage, work on themselves, lay the necessary foundation for it and most importantly, are unable to grasp the concept of (God’s) love.

    As to the issue of submission, it’s pretty simple. The individual (woman) that wrestles with that instruction and the man that tries to milk the instruction have simply not come to an understanding of the Bible, particularly what Paul was teaching in Ephesians 5. Paul’s focus wasn’t on the natural marriage. He was trying to teach a spiritual reality – Christ and his Church; the relationships and responsibilities – using the natural phenomenon of marriage. Hence, a man who hasn’t come to understand that spiritual verity is bound to wrongly apply it to the natural instituon of marriage. Paul was pointing out order as it relates to the spiritual: God is the head of Christ; Christ is the head of the Church and the husband is the head of the wife (and the home).

    When Paul instructs the wife to be in submission to her husband, he wasn’t talking about servitude, subjection or slavery. Actually, he was speaking from the perspective of the relationship between God and Christ: Christ submitted to the love/will of the father in order to redeem man. In like manner, you wives, submit to the love of your husband. The believing husband will love his wife in awareness of what Christ’s love means – sacrifice. Hence, the husband will love his wife sacrificially. He will go the extra mile to ensure she is better in all ramifications. This is the love the wife is to submit to. But here is the dilemma: How will folks who are yet to find God (not born again) understand this and translate that knowledge into their activities in marriage? So it proves your point that it takes a man/woman in Christ to understand the idea of love/marriage in order to have a good marriage.

    As for the reference to Ephesians 5:21:”Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God”, actually the verse wasn’t speaking of mutual submission between the husband and wife (but I really won’t want to get into that because I don’t want to make this post any longer than it already is πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ).

    Meanwhile, those things you highlighted to be considered before marriage are spot on. No more, no less.

    This is a great and nourishing post Blessing. I enjoyed every bit of it. πŸ‘Œ

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