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What makes you a woman ?

I asked a woman some time back , what makes you a woman ? She said ” having kids does not make me more or less of a woman but I have lived , loved and learnt “.

We are still on the series ” womanity is humanity ” . what makes us humans is not the ability to reproduce but the ability for us to learn , grow, live, love and make decisions etc. The ability for us to all grow into what we truly desire , learn from our experience, grow and manifest our true self makes us humans .

Do you say my dog is now a dog because it has given birth to puppies , i bet no . you know it is a dog because it barks , it guides , it serves the purpose it was bought for . with this we should also know that there is a difference between a woman and a mother .

A little girl of age 12 cannot be identified as a mother even though she is a woman , why ? Because being a woman does not automatically make you a mother .

A mother is a woman who has kids, either biological, through adoption or any other means . you are a woman before being a mother , you can decide on not being a mother that does not make you less or more of a woman.

Why have sex when you don’t want to get pregnant?

I asked this question some time back because I was ignorant of the topic . I was confused on how a woman wouldn’t want to be a mother , others told me it’s her choice which I found stupid and full of regrets but now I have a better understanding of the subject .

Love making is intercourse between two opposite sex without protection it can lead to pregnancy but with protection its safe . one can have sex without the intent of getting pregnant , sex is love making. Its a spiritual connection between lovers , its a bond , its a magnetic force that attracts people together . so anyone can have sex without the intention of getting pregnant .

This is same with the woman who doesn’t want to have kids . she is free to live, get married , love , work etc without her having kids . in some culture , if you do not bore kids for your husband , the family would give another wife to the man. The woman would face abuse and judgement from the family , this is what we call patriarchy. It is wrong for society to judge a woman who doesn’t want biological babies .

If her husband is OK with it then why judge , along the line she can decide on adopting which is also a means of owning kids. This does not make her less of a woman, she is still a woman. Adoption is not a bad thing so let’s stop making it look like one.

Women you have the right to life and to choice . do not put yourself under pressure because you do not have a child now . there is surrogacy , adoption etc . let’s grow and stop put an end to this odd cultural practices .

You might not be in support of a woman who doesn’t want kids but accept her for she is human and that’s why she made such decisions . don’t judge or or make her feel less . she is a woman and whatever she feels would be beneficial to her let her do it .

There are also men who do not want kids , both parties can find themselves and be happy together until the end of their lives or whenever they want .

I pray we accept people for their decisions, everyone cannot be like mama iyabo who has 10 kids , No ! . we should all be ourselves and choose what we want but remember to follow the ways of God for only there can you find true wisdom .


  • TheAfricanBrunnette

    I think you’re one of the bravest persons I’ve come to know in my life. And I know and I’m happy that the world is awakening to this facts. And I thank God for your life, your passion for the truth and most importantly, I thank God that you were bold enough to do this.
    You are a blessing to this generation. And I encourage you to never stop. Keep soaring because the sky knows your name and it is your home.
    Thank you for this post. Jah bless!

    • d_analyzt

      Omg , you render me speechless . thank you so much for your comment it means alot to me . I’ll always speak my truth and I urge you to follow your passion as well and never let anyone tell you , you can’t cause you can . thank you so much my love . πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ€—πŸ€—

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