TEDx Breaking Beyond Barriers

Today, October 5th happens to be World’s Teachers Day.

I’m a teacher of English and Literature in a School, so it’s my day. Happy World’s Teachers Day to all Teachers all over the World.

Talking about teaching, apart from being in the classroom and teaching academics there are other things  I’m passionate about teaching and one of which I am doing here on my blog.

I happened to be in the midst of teachers today and our subject was

Beyond barriers

I watch a lot of TEDx talks on YouTube and have been blessed by it. I imagine myself on that platform talking someday and today I had the opportunity of being in a TEDx talk not as a speaker but as an attendee( I couldn’t take a decent picture for guys, but this is my tag 😁).

Beyond barrier

It’s a privilege to be in the midst of sharp and bright minds, you get to learn from them and increase your capacity. I believe if I get to stay in such a company all the time there would always be something to take home. TEDx okumagbaave is an independently run ted talk by individuals and not the government.

This is the second edition and it was fabulous. Having this here in Warri opened my eyes to more possibilities, it showed me an area where good can come out from.


If you live in Nigeria and you hear about Warri Delta state, it is best said that nothing good comes out of the town. I’m working on an article for a client and since I have been writing that article I haven’t talked about any good thing and that is because I haven’t seen any. Its been from one problem to another and me looking for solutions to these problems.

Today, I saw good in the land but there is no platform for expression. There is more good in the land and if the good ones are not appreciated or given room to utilize their skills they might actually run away to a more favorable place which so many of us are already doing, relocating for a better future.

We had different speakers which I would introduce to you

Beyond barrier

Erigga is a popular artist who came from Warri to the world. His songs are raw, pure street and motivational. He tells us about the street life and how he rose to the top.

Today he said something ” Home is where your mind is “.

Don’t limit yourself, work hard and make things work for you even in impossibility.

Other speakers we had were

Tedx beyond barrier

She talked about us using our voice as a weapon for change and demanding from the government to create an environment for tech and other industries to come in.


One thing Warri people are known for is too much talk and no action. We can complain about the police extorting us each day but we can’t come out and carry out a protest against these people. Well, “who wants to die”is the regular slang of the Warri men.

This is a barrier that needs to be broken.

Other speakers came up and talked about us breaking the barriers in our minds.

Yes, a man’s biggest barrier is his mind. Some see the limitation and then settle for less but you shouldn’t let your limitations make you settle for less.

You should actually see beyond your limitation, be strategic, ask others for their opinions because what might be a barrier to you can be solved by another person. There might just lie your answer, so first, break the barriers in your mind.

Do not let anything limit you, do not let your environment stop you.

Here is a link to  Tedx okumagbaave’s blog tedxokumagbaave

At the end of the talk, there was an open mic for contributions and I grabbed the opportunity immediately.

I walked up on stage and introduced myself as a writer and speaker and here was what I said.

” There are millions of problems in Warri, wherever there is a problem there is a solution. So we should be the solutions to the problem”

Beyond barriers, beyond the problems in Warri, delta state. What are the solutions?
Solutions are in us, let’s birth them out, it starts from an idea being convinced and developed into one that can be sustainable.

A new friend I met said this to me( so here is a picture of him, he’s the guy on blue. I have a terrible camera 🙄)


“Passion without sustenance is suicide”

I pitched an idea to him and he asked me a question which left me thinking( mehn this hustle is real oh, you gotta think and rethink, God help me 😬)

So I say to you, my dear friends;

Make that passion sustainable, ask others what they think and you never know where your answer might come from.

Lastly, let’s break beyond our barriers and see opportunities, don’t limit yourself. Don’t hide, your voice is needed so come out and speak.


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      Thank you so much for reading. Yes, his talk was inspiring, one of the best with lots of punch lines. I got to know more about his journey and other things he could do. He said he’s a computer engineer and did some magic with beats when he started.

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