speak even if your voice becomes weary

Speak ! Even though your voice becomes weary

speak even though your voice becomes weary

Let your voice be heard

To every new step there is a different challenge

A new fear that must be overcome

How you lay your foundation each day determines how strong the building will be .

This piece is meant to urge everyone to let theirĀ  inner voice speak out .


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Speak , write even though your voice becomes weary

Like a foundation you tend to build
If not strong enough it collapses
We lay our foundation each day to get to that point
We soar higher to be above

Obstacles and challenges are food for the day
We must eat of it to become stronger
The ability to push forward

To fight for what’s right

That makes you stronger

Know your pains

put them into words
Let the world hear your cry out
Don’t be silent for long
Avoid negativity so it doesn’t affect your positivity

We are in a world of expressions
A world where our words can cause and effect a change
Think about your purpose

Motivate others
We are poets

we are lyricist
We are writers

we create the world we want to live in.

Speak for the voiceless
We are the voice

speak even though your voice becomes weary
Let’s fight together and get what we want .
I believe in all writers

i believe in you


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