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Setting goals for the new month

Do you set goals for yourself? Yes, I do that all the time.

Two days back, I sat down to write my goals for September and it dawned on me that this is what I do all the time. I sit to write out goals but do I achieve them?

Do you set goals

I write numerous goals but have they been achieved and here I am setting another for September. I have been procrastinating myself, writing goals but not walking in accordance. Scheduling time but whenever the alarm snoozes I go mad, turn it off and go back to bed.

I have a to-do list each day which is time scheduled but I still turn off the alarm whenever it reminds me of what to do. I can just put an end to the alarm instead of letting it ring each day but I don’t.

I still set goals even though I don’t end up achieving all but sometimes I do my best in achieving some. Writing these goals took me to another aspect of my life.

Keep pushing on

I am still here even though I don’t want to be. I still do the things I ought to do even when I fail. No matter how many times I fall I still get up, I rise and I move. I don’t let my past failures define me if I failed yesterday I won’t fail today. I would get up, throw away that past and move on.

Yes, September’s goals are already written. My blogging, writing, and my reading goals are written down. I set my time schedule and I will adhere to it. I have to be more disciplined and not let myself do whatever I want to do but do what I have to do.

Sometimes it’s not easy, we become disobedient and just do whatever we feel like but then it doesn’t pay. Even though you fail, remember don’t give up, don’t beat yourself over it, get up and move.

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Are you still going to set goals for yourself or you are going to stop setting goals because you didn’t achieve last month’s?

Are you going to beat yourself up or you are going to dust yourself and move?

Its time to be awakened to reality and stop sleeping. If you look back at your past you can’t go forward. I looked at august goals and I did none but does that mean I have failed. No! I am not a failure. I still wake up, smell the coffee, set goals and set my mind in accordance to achieve them.

My past failures do not define me, I define myself according to God’s word.

He didn’t say I’m a failure, He didn’t say I suck. So why do I have to think or feel this way, Nah! I am a success.

Be optimistic about your life!!!

P.s: A note to myself; September is just a date in time, start now.

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  • Macdonald Akhirome

    As a matter of fact, I have been writing down goals and daily to-do-lists, for quite a while now. I learned to KISS! Did I just say kiss? Yea!! I learnt to Keep It Short and Simple. That way, my to-do-lists always remain measurable, achievable and pretty realistic. Its just my goals that kinda scare me sometimes because of the size. In any case, I keep on creating the picture of the future that I desire to feature!!!

    • D_analyzt

      Keep on doing that, don’t stop for anything. If your goals are not bigger than you or scare you then you need new goals, it’s totally fine that they are bigger than you. Our God is a big God 😉

  • Kimberly Leatherwood

    I absolutely set goals. Just finished my ‘goals’ post! I may not always accomplish them but that’s ok because I know I tried. Additionally, I set lofty goals so I force myself to work hard! Keep up the great work!

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