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School is not a scam

Ever wondered why the whites were able to enslave the blacks ? It was as a result of ignorance.

Africans were conform to believe that they were animals and deserves to be treated as one. They were forcefully taken to serve the white masters because they didn’t know their rights as humans , they saw their white masters as God .

Few were able to learn how to read and write which broaden their mind . it enabled them know that they didn’t deserve such treatment . They found out the truth and then they demanded for their freedom .They fought for their rights.

Americans saw literacy as a threat to slavery and indeed it was . Some slaves were able to find routes for escape and revolutionize against the whites . Education made them see themselves as more.

Black enslave blacks

Mental slavery is the worst kind of slavery
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Today in Africa as a whole , though some parts of Africa still practice slave trade but there’s a different form of slavery trending .

Its being free but chained . its exploitation, nepotism. Nigeria gained its independence in 1960 ,that was a day of joy for us but the beginning of black slavery .

it was the beginning of nepotism, it was the beginning of blacks enslaving their own black man . Sometimes i wish we were still colonized by the whites ,maybe Nigeria would be a better place.

Maybe we would have infrastructures that would provide job opportunities for people, maybe education would not be seen as scam because the white man values knowledge.

The white man creates opportunities , they invent , they produce ,they are educated. its better to be governed by the white man than to be governed by our brothers .

Our black brothers are wicked at heart, they don’t value us as citizens . we are under slavery by our own black brothers . They have made us believe that we are nothing, they’ve made us believe that hard work does not pay, they’ve made us believe that school is a scam .

They are the looters and corrupt politicians who are on top pretending to be fixing the economy yet they are fixing their pockets .

They are gathering funds that would last their generations . A graduate with first class would be driving a tricycle but a man without a certificate who can’t even attest to his waec certificate is the president.

They say you don’t need a college degree to rule but you need a college degree to get a job that’s worth 20 thousand naira which is less than $60 . You need an N.Y.S.C certificate to work in a company , without it no job. Yet a man with no degree is our president.

What do we do , we let them continue with their evil acts . like I always say we don’t want to die and we can’t always have what we want.

Choose education over ignorance

Choose education over ignorance

Ignorance is the worst form of slavery and its free . Education is freedom but its expensive . All our leaders do not send their children to school in Nigeria . They fly them abroad to receive quality education. They do not invest in our educational sector . schools are always on a shut down due to unpaid salary. They know the value of education but they don’t provide it for us .

They deprive us from quality education because they know its worth. They have decided to cage our mindset so we won’t fight against them.

Education is not a scam

Even though our system is bad , education is not a scam . Going to school does not necessarily mean you will get a job .

Education is knowledge . if you are knowledgeable then you would be able to create opportunities for yourself were there aren’t .

Its better to know than not know.

Be educated

Education is your voice . with your voice we would be able to conquer the world . we would be able to revolutionize Nigeria and take back our land from the Egyptians.

Go to school no matter what . Also remember to take a course in line with your passion . you don’t have to take a professional course . Take up something you know you love and good at .

if you can write , there are writing courses you can go for . if you can act then go for theatre art. if you can build then go for engineering course but put this at the back of your mind .

You going to school is for you to get educated, to gain knowledge . you might not use your certificate to work in your dream place but never give up .

create opportunities for yourself . work hard and smart. Someday your certificate would be valued .

Just because you were born and bought up in Nigeria , that doesn’t mean you will live here and make money here . The world is a very big place , travel . seek for better opportunities and come back to build your state.

Build it because its your nation, leave an impact . Don’t just run away from it even though its bad . Its up to us to build this nation so our children would have better opportunities that we didn’t have . Those people who are not privileged would also be able to benefit from your good work .

Let’s not give up on school yet . education is of high value . only those who know the worth of a goods would do anything just to get it but those who doesn’t would end up loosing it .

You are valuable , your voice is valuable and the world would search for you . so keep building yourself , learn .Never stop learning, read books , get that degree and conquer the world .

School is not a scam .

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