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My week so far

Welcome jewels

How are you doing today ? I have been gone for a while now cause I’m spinning in different directions . A lot to figure out and do , I’m transitioning . Not a bad one but I’m fully blooming in my purpose . there are times I am confused for I do not want to do this anymore but I can’t run away from it. This is my destiny and I must be available. I do enjoy talking to you guys each day cause I’m also inspiring myself ,I have ideas on things I want to do .

So recently a voice has been saying maybe I’m doing it the wrong way ,maybe the ones I’m supposed to talk to and reach out to are not here on the net . I shouldn’t worry about increasing my followers and having more people read my stuff online ,the people that needs to hear this are out there ,they are the masses . so I have to go out and make an impact instead of just relying on the net . that doesn’t mean I won’t be available here but I have to do more . so its like a task .

Lately have been reading Myles Munroe ‘power of character in leadership ‘ its truly inspiring and I recommend it for you . it talks about being a leader ,knowing your purpose ,your vision and your character . As a leader you should learn to serve and not be concerned about your followers . you should make an impact and care about peoples interest than you .

The leaders we have in Nigeria care about themselves ,they are not trust worthy ,they lack good leadership qualities which is bad . for aspiring leaders you should put humanity first before your needs that would make you serve better . I’m not going on teach on that book yet until I am done with it .

Also , I have been trying to write more . I’m trying to get things right . everyone talks about depression but no one talks about anger . I am not a depressed girl ,I only get sad sometimes when things are not working out way I want but I assure myself it will . I do my best to get myself out of that pity stage and do what I have to do but I get angry easily .

This is the emotion that control me . it just comes like a rush and I do not control it ,I let it eat me up affecting my mood ,my speech and so many things . I just get mad at everyone that I just want to be left alone and when I’m left alone I just try to take my mind off so many things .

I meditated yesterday trying to get all the negative energies out and it worked . I have come to a resolution now that I would Learn to be patient with people and be tolerant. I also will learn to listen to them talk and not get angry when they disagree with me ,I would just listen and use kind words proving my point .

This has been my week so far ,what has been going on in your life ? What has been your mistake and what ways are you implying to correct them ? Would love to learn from you also .๐Ÿ’–

I am not specific, I am a lot of positive energies distributing parts of me to everyone I come across. A writer who wants to affect lives and change the world. How am I going to do that? Why don't you find out yourself ๐Ÿ˜

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