My journey

Life is a journey our souls must travel through . its on us to guide it through this journey. I am an imperfect girl trying to make the best out of my life . I have made mistakes …well all humans do . I have also learnt from them which is why I’m sharing my story so you can learn from me

My name is blessing and this is my journey through life

My journey
Coffee ,a lifetime journey


Q- Tell us about your family

A– I’m from a polygamous home . my mom as the first wife with 5 kids having me as the first child. We are 3 girls and 2boys and I have 2 step sisters making us 7.

Qwho is D_analyzt

A– Me lol. I’m a writer , Christ lover ,human right activist, talker and a wide dreamer . I write on anything that interest me from fictions,poems,articles etc.

Qwhat are your hobby

A – I love to write , listen to music ( soul music is my best genre ) . love to swim , travel ( I travel in my mind but soon I would travel round the world ). Talk ,read .

Q – what defines you

A– a lot of things define me ,religion ,people ,my experience but it depends on how I let them define me. I have learnt so much and I’m still learning. All of that defines who I am .

Qwhat are your beliefs

A– I believe in God ,Education and change .

Q- what’s your take on gender inequality

God did not create a lesser gender , he created us all in his own image and likeness . This is why I’m going to be showing people the truth from the bible that we were made equal. Man and woman are made equal , we are an expression of Gods image ,a reflection of God in human form . This is why Christ wants us to know him since we are a reflection of him and he created us . There has been so many misconception but I will try my best by his grace to correct all of that .

Q- what is your passion

A– I’m passionate about helping people and changing my world through the word of God .

Q- what inspires you

A– life itself . I have gone through hurdles and potholes, all of that has made me a better person . Each day I’m learning to become a better version of myself and help others find their passion and solace in life .

Q- what are your future plans

A– I plan on owning a publishing house and a media house . I want to help writers in my country ,Nigeria become published authors . its difficult to land a book deal here in Nigeria. I also would own a TV show, radio and podcast .

Q- who inspires you

A- Oprah Winfrey and chimamanda Adichie. I see myself as a combination of both women .

Q- who is your role model

A– my mother . I watched my mother grow learn,hurt ,love ,compromise just for her marriage . she has experienced life in all dimensions so I’m learning from her .

Q- who is your mentor

Apastor tobore adakara of salt city church delta state Nigeria .

Q- share a little about your past

A- I used to be a drug addict and I like girls . university made me do this I never thought i would do but I’m glad I got out of all that . I don’t do drugs and am not into girls .

Q- why did you decide to blog

A– Have always wanted to be heard . I talk a lot and most times to myself . There’s a lot in my head that I need to let out which was why I started writing . I needed the world to see things through my lenses and blogging provides that platform.

Q- what is your blog about

A- I write on different issues ,inspire people to become better version of themselves. I Write on issues affecting us as humans and share my thoughts on it . weekends I share my works,short stories and poems .

Q- what is your biggest dream

A– to become the female president of Nigeria

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My journey with the world


    • D_analyzt

      I was never meant to date girls. I heard my friends talk about sex with girls and I was so curious about it. At that time I was doing drugs and it also affected my decision. There was a girl asking me out and I obliged. It didn’t last but I fell in love with a girl. Real love that I didn’t care about what my parents or people would think. I thought she would stick with me but started cheating. We broke up. I stopped doing drugs and I noticed that this wasn’t me. I was moving with people I’m not suppose to move with. And both relationships are same , its same love but girl to girl would cost me more I have more to lose. Family , friends , and my religion is against it. I weighed the options and I stopped. I can’t be in such relationship that would cost me a lot . I choose the better option

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