Societal issues

Men rape boys

I know I’m not supposed to bash on you, tearing up the pages and unveiling the scars .
I know this may sound odd and unbelievable but I need you to grab every single word that comes out from my mouth
Take it and digest it so you can have a taste of my vinegar .
I’m sorry ( beads of tears drops down my eyes )

I know you are disappointed in me
I know you think highly of me
I know you expected me to speak up instead of beating around the bush playing with my friends
I know you expect me to stop eating sands and man up
Boys are men ..I have to be a man
Strong, bold , courageous with no sign of weakness .
Which is why I have let my gong down and picked up my mic today to tell you this

Wait !

Let’s go back to the beginning
I know I’m not supposed to bash on you but he bashed up on me
He gave me the sweetest chocolate
At first I refused because mama said do not take things from strangers
But stranger became friend
Now I love chocolate more than I love my own teeth
I love how it makes my teeth brown
The tingling sensation and upliftment it gives just drives me crazy
Would you share of this chocolate with me
If you don’t I just have to force you into having a taste cause I was never offered kindly
I was forced
If being asked would I have said no
Maybe I would but no is not an option
Its either yes or yes
So now take a bite from my chocolate
It won’t hurt you I promise
You would love it
This was how it all started
Chocolate is a yes
I have taken my bite

And I have given a bite
I’m sure you would also share the love
I’m sorry
I never planned for my story to go this way
I know you never expected me to be weak and feminine
You expected me to be your rock
Only for me to be turned into a pool of water
That dances and attracts like a magnet
But today I’m spilling the truth
I would no longer be silent
I don’t expect you to believe me
But it is my truth
I’m sorry but men rape boys

This piece was written by me “men rape boys”

Creating awareness

The girl child is always the victim of rape, different stories arises each day of girls being raped. This is because women have started speaking up . We live in a world where people try to hide their truth , hold up their pains and move on with their life’s cause even speaking up wouldn’t matter .

Now we have a better understanding that speaking up helps also, not only does it create awareness it relives you of the truth that’s eating you up.

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Today I’m not going to be talking about the female child. I am focusing on the male child . A lot of responsibility has been placed on the make child . He’s not allowed to cry because he’s a man and men don’t cry .

He’s not permitted to be beaten cause men are strong and they fight back. He’s not a victim and can never be a victim.

He’s a man and men are leaders with no scars . Do you know men are also victim of rape . I’m not talking about a woman raping them . I’m talking about a man raping a man.

Disvirgining his asshole. How would you know if your male child is a victim of rape? Would you believe him if he tells you he was molested?

Most people would laugh when they hear a boy was raped. Their response would be ‘ just go with the flow and enjoy it ‘ . what if the child does not enjoy being touched and aroused at that age . what if he just wants to be play in the sand and wait till he’s grown enough to understand the concept of sex then he can have sex .

He doesn’t want to be exposed to sexual activities until he’s ready to explore . sex without consent is rape . The male child is also a victim of rape and yes they do rape boys .

The world we live in today everyone is a victim. men are not the strongest neither are women but we all wear our scars with a mask. We all come out with a smile but deep inside our heart there’s a cry for help .

Men rape

He’s a victim

The male child suffers from depression cause he can’t speak up when a man his sticking his huge manhood in his ass which causes him a lot of discomfort. When he goes to the toilet , he’s feaces are painful cause of what had happened to him.

How would you know he’s a victim ? He doesn’t bleed like the female child , he doesn’t walk in an unexpected way. He can’t speak up cause he’s scared . The male child is also scared cause he’s human.

He might have been threatened not to speak up so he wears his scar with pride hoping someday all of that would be over . But what happens when the scars he wears turns into his face and he can’t pull off that mask then know that so many other boys would suffer same thing he has suffered .

The male child would try to reach out to other male child and also rape them . The circle keeps going on and on and we would have a town of gay boys who never wanted to be gay but were forced into it now they wear it with pride .

What would be our fate ? Our society does not accept such act. Some of this boys might end up marrying females and there is a high tendency of them becoming abusive husbands because of their past.

The male child should not be neglected same way as the female child should not be . Both gender should be looked out for carefully ,observing, asking questions , and getting to know them more so they can be our best friend and open up to us .

The male child is a victim of rape by their fellow men.
He suffers from depression
He harms other boys
He is also a victim and deserve love and care
Please care for all your kids ,they are important. Watch them closely. Be friends with them so it would be easy for them to speak up quickly

Boys should speak up more
We would hear your cry and ensure justice is being served . don’t stop spreading your truth and I pray help locates all the men who are going through challenges and have been victims in the past . Do not dwell on that past but live above it .

Its OK to be a child and have fun
When its time to be an adult you would be one
Now you know men rape boys

What do we do about his issue ?
How do we help the male child
Share your comments under the page

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  • Nicole

    This is such an important topic that is rarely discussed by anyone which is such a shame. As someone who has counselled kids previously I really appreciate you writing this post.

    • D_analyzt

      Thank you for picking interest in it . our society barely recognise the male child as a victim . I have a cousin of mine who was abused ,it really intrigue me into writing this .

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