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My name is blessing and am from Nigeria, welcome to my space. I’m  going to tell you more about me , take a cup of coffee , sit on the couch and enjoy my tales .

About me

Who are you ?

I’m a Christian, writer , poet, talker .

Whatever I am and have become is because Christ loves me and died for my sin . He loves me regardless and that is why am here to share with you how I used to be what I never knew and now I found myself in a place better than my past and that is Jesus .

Writing is more than an escape for me , it’s my voice.  Its  me expressing myself and passing a message . I write to correct , instruct , teach people. Its an avenue for me to be heard , that’s basically why I write , I want to pass a message .

Hmmm poetry is life . playing with words gives me joy.  I also do spoken words , you will get to see more of that when you go through my blog.

If there’s anything I am know for its my sharp mouth. I’m a talkative , welcome to my space . if only you could hear me talk , I don’t get tired can go on and on . I ask questions a lot ,sometimes I get tired of myself. 😄

Why do you blog ?

Everyone has a reason for opening a blog . its useless having a phone when you don’t use it, it’s useless having a gift and you don’t use it .

Have been blessed with the talent of writing , if I don’t use mine well then am disappointing God who has given  me the gift .

I blog because its  a platform to reach out to people with my works. Inspire them to be better people and also share my knowledge .

This is one of the ways to express my gift and share with people what God has put in my heart and also inspire them .

How did you get here ?

Have been through hulla hoops ,jumping buses and catching flights in life . All gathered experiences and thoughts bought me to self realization and since then I am woke to the fact that I need to get things right.

Christ has a purpose for my life , His plan bought me here to share with the world how faithful and good he is and show them his love and mercy .

What is the  vision of your blog ?

Each day we need food to survive this is same way we need the right word to keep us going. I want to reach millions of people with my words , bring people unto Christ and inspire them . I want people to see life through my eyes and become better version of themselves .

What are your works based on ?

I write inspirational , fiction , poems , articles etc. I can write anything my mind can conceive but they are all for a purpose . I don’t just write , I aim to inspire my readers with what I write .

Give yourself a chance , you are worth more . There’s nothing that is happening or has happened in your life that you can’t be forgiven on . God loves you and he wants you to come unto him . No matter what you go through always know you can get out of it . Be yourself , love God and birth life .

If your mind can see it ,your lips can say it , your hands can do it then it becomes a reality . so don’t relent DO IT!!


These are just a few things about me , you will get to learn more by reading through my articles . Tell me about you ? Please introduce yourself in the comment section

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