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Marriage ,value or no value ?

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is there value in marriage? 

Each day we see people give up on their marriage, we hear of broken homes, we see people fall in love and get married, we fall in love.

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We engage in relationships with the intention of being together forever. Some get hurt along the line, give up on love cause it hurts so much, some give it a second chance after so much hurt and they find love again. Then they go loving carelessly as if they’ve never been hurt.


love is a beautiful thing and it’s God’s gift to us.  He created man and woman to be one and multiply the earth.


Marriage value or no value

Why do marriages fold up?

There are so many reasons why marriages fold up.

1. Infidelity: This is a killer of homes. This problem either arises from the man or woman. I have seen some homes whereby even though the man cheats the woman stays and endure, why? She’s keeping her home. Well, who am I to say. Not all women are the same, some can’t bear the fact that their men go out with other people, they feel disrespected. So it’s up to you to know what you can take and what you can’t, which is why it is advisable to marry right. Sometimes even the right one might still end up cheating, crazy thing, right?


2. Abuse: I have learned certain things about this marriage game and some things have noticed is that some women love to be abused. Abuse is not only in physical form like beating but also emotional. I feel this is the worst form of abuse, causing a malfunction in ones thinking faculty. Your peace of mind is everything, guard it and treasure it. No one should be in an abusive relationship or marriage. Don’t be blinded by love, leave because you deserve better.

3. Miscommunication : when love dies or wear off communication becomes a key to keeping a home. Most people lose this, they don’t talk and most partners find solace in talking to other people. Once you become uninterested in talking to  your partner then it becomes easy to be attracted to someone else who gives you a listening ear.




Should I go ahead and get married?

There are so many reasons why marriages fold up but I will stop here. After seeing so many people leave their marriages, it creates a notion in our minds. it builds fear in us, if marriage is of value then why do people leave those who they claim to love?

This causes a dilemma in the hearts of the youths. We are trying to find love and build with it yet we keep seeing people fall out of love. There was a time I said to myself “I don’t want to get married, I want to be single and have babies because I don’t want to get married”.  I was scared but when I found love again, I just wanted it forever.


I began to take away fear and let love lead. I wrote in my diary ‘marriage ‘ as one of my top priorities. We live life to achieve so many things but at the end of the day, we need a family to spend it on.


imagine living a single life, no husband or wife, no kids, just money and cars. life would be meaningless. you will be going round in a circle thinking you are having fun but you are missing out on the true essentiality of life.

Marriage value or no value


God wants us to be together and create more life. It’s better to be with a partner and create than to be alone cause there would be times that all you need to hear or want is the support and love from your partner.


When life knocks on your door you would have someone who will be there for you. This is why God institutionalized marriage. He knows we cannot go alone, we need someone to journey with us.


As a man, you need to work hard to build your home. Do not hurt your woman but love and cherish her.  women are delicate like ice, once broken it takes a while to be frozen back.


Do not throw away everything you have built just because of pleasure. It won’t last but the love and satisfaction your partner gives would last for eternity.


Women stand by your man, cherish him,  love him, pamper him cause he’s your first child. I know no matter what you do you can never hold a man down but trust me, unconditional love, understanding, and communication can make him have a rethink and be of more discipline.


Marriage, value or no value

Love is a beautiful thing, there is a feeling of fulfillment in it cause it was ordained by God and God is love.  Do not easily call off your marriage because you are not getting what you want . it takes time to build the love back, don’t go looking for love somewhere else. You will fall out of love, reunite again. no one is perfect, the second man you would meet might be worse along the line . learn to discipline yourself and give it time.

But there are some relationships that need to be cut off and if you have doubts about that person please don’t get married. Don’t put yourself in a lifetime prison with an unhealthy spouse.

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Do not waste your time gallivanting and following different boys, there is no gain in it. life is full of choices and every choice has a consequence and a blessing.

Well, I pray we would see things right now and understand that whatever we put value to becomes valuable. Tend it well and let it blossom into a beautiful union . Be of discipline, of love and God lead💖

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  • Ayansola Ibukun

    Love can be likened to a garden of roses. Pleasant to the eye and fragrance to the nose, (when well tended and nurtured). However, leave it uncared for and you end up having an eye sore of wild roses. Love has an understanding. It’s work/responsibilities/commitments.

    More ink to your pen.

  • Macdonald Akhirome

    Of a truth, this couldn’t have been presented any better! Having been married for about 8 years, I can confidently say that the peaks and valleys of matrimony, reminds us of the fact that, human wisdom alone isn’t enough to pilot the affairs of a home. It takes the benevolence of divinity as well as loads of wisdom and self conscious commitment.

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