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Making the right choice

Life present a table before us to choose between what’s good and what’s bad. We are faced constantly at every step every second to choose . some decisions are easy while others requires critical thinking .

Making the right choice

How do you make decisions.

I have always battled with making the right decision for myself. Some times I am influenced into choosing what’s not good for me .

Back in school , friend’s influenced me into making wrong decisions ,which I regret but at that time it was the best step I took . Sometimes wrong decisions may be favourable to us but along the line we might end up regretting them .

Showing up and posting on my blog is a decision I took and I’m showing up because I made the choice .I can easily decide to quit and no one is going to kill me or beat me up but in the future I would regret why I quitted .

In choosing a guy I have made the wrong choice in my past . I didn’t know what I wanted in a guy and all I did was go for the outer appearance but I learnt not to look at the surface but search deeper. Now I know what I want in a man

In my career I have also made wrong choices by doing so many things at a time instead of taking things one step at a time . there was a time I wanted to become everything and they weren’t in line with my passion. I was only beginning to know who I was
Now I have a clear picture of my vision and I hope to have more clearer understanding of my path as I grow .

We are not perfect for there are times we would choose wrong over right cause its favourable . no man has very chosen right all his life except for Jesus .

Which is why he gave us a guide , the bible to guide us through decision making so we don’t make the wrong choices in our lives . Even with the bible we still make wrong decisions which is why we should ask for forgiveness cause we are all sinners .

What to do before choosing?

I am not one to ask for others opinion before making a decision. I just do whatever I like but it never works in my favour cause I was in a rush and no time to think about it .


Don’t be in a rush to make decisions ,talk to someone about it . Feeling indecisive then the best person to talk to is God . He always listen to us and provides answers to every of our question . we all need to build a strong relationship with him. You can always know what he says by reading the bible on that issue you presented to him.


Having a best friend is a good thing , friends are hard to find in this modern day which is why we should all be the friend we want to see in others. Find a friend who you would trust, who is fair and not one who would mislead you. Find the friend who is true and when you find them don’t betray their trust . A God fearing person who won’t misguide you .


Books help us when we need to learn from others . I read lots of self help books cause it motivates me and guide me into making the right decision . Life is all about learning from others mistake and not ours . But like they say experience is the best teacher . you do not know how something feels until you walk in the shoe .

All that motivates me to write is my experience. I have learnt lessons in life and I’m sharing my story is the world can see and learn from me so it won’t happen to them .

Factors that influence us into making the wrong decision

  • Drugs : drugs intoxicate us and we don’t think clearly . we make wrong decisions when we are high on any substance . be it drugs ,weed or alcohol. Best decisions are never made from highness . Be of a clear mind
  • Associate : show me your friend and I will tell you who you are . rolling with the wrong company would make you do things you never imagined or planned on doing . stop rolling with people that do things you are not in support of . learn to walk away from people and make new friends .
  • Yourself : sometimes our greatest limitations is ourselves . we do things that would please is at the moment without caring about anything else . you are your greatest challenge . fight yourself to make the right choice . choose your happiness.

What to consider when making the right choice

  • Talk to God first
  • Read your bible
  • Talk to a friend
  • Think about it again
  • Don’t be in a rush
  • Read books on the issue
  • Meditate

Idea would present itself . I don’t meditate but I know it helps give you a clear head. I prefer to walk and talk to myself . I question myself a lot and that way I find answers . I wish you luck on your journey and I pray we all make the right decision that will take us to the higher ground we want.

There’s a consequence to every decision we make , its all up to you to decide on which you want to face .

Life is like a ladder of snakes ,thorns and treasures . one bad step you fall down to the snake and it bites you but one right step lands you on treasures .


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