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Welcome to November

Its a new month, I hope you have your  plans written down for the month. it’s good to have monthly and yearly goals so as to make you conscious of what you are doing. if you haven’t written down your goals for November why don’t you start now.  Take out a pen, your diary and task yourself . I love to write on my phone ,I have a dairy and a notepad that’s filled with so many content. Use what works for you and write something down. And work on it ,its one thing to write ,its another to take action. Be of disciplined and achieve them .


What you do today affects your tomorrow ,do you agree with me ?. How you spend your money  today affects your finance tomorrow ,do you agree with me ? . like books we read ,food we eat , we know we need it to survive for today so we can live for tomorrow. The future which is tomorrow is not assured for anyone but we play ,we eat ,we travel ,we love ,we sleep,we set goals ,we do everything like there is a tomorrow.



Even though we are not assured of tomorrow ,we are not certain if we would live to see it but we have faith in it. We sleep to wake up tomorrow because we believe in it. Do you eat all the food in your house today because you feel you are not assured of tomorrow or you eat some today and save the rest for the next day. if you do not eat all then why do you live like there is no tomorrow. why do you spend all you have today like there is no tomorrow.



I love to be very optimistic ,I love to plan ,I love to set goals ,some I do not achieve others I do ,do you know why because I believe in the power of tomorrow . I have goals of what I would be in the  future with no age attached, I see myself becoming what I want to be . Now that I see myself in that position what does it tell,what should I do to achieve that?. Its what I call hard work . if I do not invest in my future,when the time comes it will be a waste . And the future is tomorrow ,not 10 years from now but tomorrow. So I work for today so I can be what I want to be tomorrow.



Do not live like there is no tomorrow ,work today so your tomorrow can be better . do not spend all your money today and go broke tomorrow cause at the end you will be the one to suffer it. Do not sit and imagine all the sweet things of tomorrow without working today.

Whatever you plan for tomorrow act accordingly today so tomorrow can be achieved. like a man who wants to be a president, he says to himself “I want to be the president”, he does not know when but he does every necessary thing like getting a degree ,getting his finance together and all, so when the time comes he would be ready. Then another man says “I want to be a president” but he doesn’t have a college degree ,he is playing football ,flipping channels ,he’s doing other things not relating to his ambition, how does he achieve that goal at the end? He does not have any sign of good leadership and no certificate to prove he is ready ,what do you call that?



So whatever you do today affects your tomorrow.  Do not live like there is no tomorrow ,work today for your tomorrow. Some would say what if I die without achieving that which I want ? Death is unpredictable same as life . its better to keep working and achieving something than not working and achieve nothing . its better to love today so you can have someone than not to love and be lonely just because you are scared of tomorrow.

There’s a popular saying ‘let’s do with what we have today ,tomorrow will sort itself out’. There are two things involved in this statement, a wise man would say  this words while having plans for  tomorrow, he would look for ways to make it happen but a foolish man would do with all he has today with no plans for tomorrow and accept whatever tomorrow brings. if the day brings nothing he goes by it ,if it brings something he welcomes it . it doesn’t work that way,have a plan for tomorrow while you work today. A year spent learning and doing something even though you fail is better than a year wasted doing nothing .



I aim on having a publishing house ,I know I need to be more qualified to be a book agent so I need to learn. Do I just sit and do nothing or I learn each day, read more books and get more degrees. Its my choice , we are being offered different choices as humans making the right one is what matters most. if you make a mistake today learn from it and act smartly by turning around from that old ways unto a new one . You can invest in your future plans today .

Now I’m introducing you to my book club,let’s invest in our future . let’s Learn,let’s read more . just let me know if you want to be part of this amazing journey. Also find me on my social media handles . so book lovers ,what are you reading for November . there is mine .


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