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How to create opportunities for yourself

Life sometimes doesn’t go as planned and when it doesn’t do we give up or we keep pushing forward ?


Sad woman

Some people are extremely privileged, with a silver spoon while others are not but they buy the silver spoon for themselves .

It could be their choice to say since I wasn’t born with a silver spoon then I’ll do with my iron spoon that is the most comfortable option for me. Or they could say since I wasn’t born with a silver spoon then I’ll ensure I work hard to buy myself a silver spoon.

Being born poor is not your fault but dying poor is your fault

It is wrong to think ” the reason I’m not rich is because not everyone was made to be rich”

Everyone was made to be rich and awesome in Christ Jesus so why should you think less of yourself and settle for it.

Get rid of that mentality and work hard and smart

If you must succeed in whatever you are doing,be it business ,relationship ,body building , life in general then you must learn to stop thinking negative.

Do’s and don’t

Thinking negatively never made a man rich

  • Stop speaking negativity into your life and start speaking positivity.
  • Eliminate what if I don’t and start saying I do . Your thoughts go a long way in your life cause it affects your action.
  • No matter how many times you fall get up and keep moving. Don’t feel too relaxed in that position and say maybe it was meant to happen that way . You made it happen cause you decided to settle for less and not approaching things differently.
  • We all need constant effort to succeed in life . All this rules do not manifest in just a day , they are rules we need to keep at the back of our mind everyday of our life. so when we are faced with such challenge again then we would take a different approach to things.

You need to let go

Yes ,its very important . you need to let go of the things that has been holding you back . you need to let go of your past . You are not your past

You need to let go of past disappointment. Stop feeling like things would happen same way it did last time . stop feeling like there won’t be a change. Stop feeling like you won’t turn out good. Stop feeling like all men are the same and therefore closing your heart and building a wall around yourself .

I used to be that person. I felt guys were all the same and nothing good could come out of them because I have been hurt but I got to learn that the good ones are out there too . Just that I didn’t set my priority straight to know what I want in a guy

How to do things differently

Insanity is doing same thing over and over again and expecting different result

I want to fetch water to fill my drum, then I take with me a basket and keep running just so the water wouldn’t leak off . I keep doing that over and over again you think I’m sane? I don’t think so.

Then ,I could try a different method. I take a bucket with me this time around , do you think I would have a full drum ?..I think so .
Stop doing same thing over and and over again expecting different result . try a different method to that thing and you will see different result .

Create a fresh page for yourself

” Oh no I’m not good enough”
” I don’t think I can go through this again”
” I feel like a failure “

Stop !

Just stop beating yourself over your past failures . create a new page and then rewrite. First draft are always shitty but when you rewrite you get a better and clearer vision of your story before you publish .
Same is your life , if you don’t like something delete or erase and rewrite .
Stop doubting your abilities ,you are good enough

stop complaining

Several times when people hit bottom rock all they do is complain . when you start complaining you create a certain energy around you . you start getting angry and this may sometimes lead to transfer of aggression.
Stop complaining about your situation and start doing things differently . even though you feel sad about your situation and you talk about it don’t dwell on it for long.

Get out of that energy and be happy .
There’s life , there’s hope .

I can’t teach you or advise you on how to handle your business or relationship or life but I can give you best advise that is working for me and other people . its your choice to accept it and apply it to your life and start seeing result

Wishers and warriors

  • Don’t sit and wish for everything , wishers check on Instagram and wish to be Kim kardashian , Dangote or Oprah but warriors do things . they take that bold step for themselves
  • They compare themselves with others . they want to be like Michael Jackson but do you know what it took him to be him today . it takes consistency and lots of work to attain that height . warriors work on themselves . they educate themselves , find ways to be on top . they don’t just want to be they become.
  • Oh they make excuses for everything . Before drafting out this post which I did early this morning like around 3am I was already making an excuse of not posting today . my excuse was that I’m tired and don’t have what to post even though I have the idea.
    I wrote my first draft on this topic but it didn’t turn out so great so I felt maybe I should just leave it at that and write another but I’m not going to write another today.
    But I told myself , no more excuses for not being consistent .
    Warriors don’t make excuses but they start doing it
  • crawling into their shell when things go wrong and blaming themselves are wishers common traits . warriors take full responsibility when things go wrong or right and they keep pushing forward . they expect to succeed and they do.

Stop feeling like a failed attempt is the end of your life ,keep pushing forward. What would you choose to do differently today ?

Say this to yourself :

  • I would stop following other peoples way and start doing me
  • I would do what works best for me
  • I would take things one step at a time
  • I would do things differently
  • I won’t settle for less.

Wow congratulations for I see doors of opportunities opening for you.

Remember not every opportunity is an opportunity. This is why you should put your trust in God for he will direct your steps.

Let me say this again; Not every way is a way Learn to identify your way by Knowing your passion

And take it one step at a time
See you tomorrow morning by 8am

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  • Johnny

    Love the insight and focus on a person’s mentality you put in on this post. Mindset change is powerful to creating a platform that’ll help us get to the place we want to get to. It reminds me that any change a person wants starts with themselves – as much as there are other obstacles that could get in the way, we are our biggest obstacle to achieving our goals and dreams.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures

    • D_analyzt

      Oh yes I agree with you . our biggest obstacle is ourselves and if we can learn to be of discipline then we can achieve anything we set our mind on. I’m glad you found this useful

  • Maud

    I loved this post. Especially the part about wishers and warriors. I often catch myself scrolling through social media, wishing to be further along than I am and wasting my time while I could spend that time making it happen. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂

    • D_analyzt

      I’m glad you found this very useful . I used to be like that , wishing I had this and that and sometimes I get sad when I don’t. But I learnt I don’t have to wish to be like anyone but myself . and make things work for me .

  • Jam Macmac

    You have laid down great points in here. I’m currently practicing the not thinking of negative thoughts and not complaining. So far, being an optimist is a life changing decision. Also as I may add, we all should have a grateful state of mind. What we are thankful for, multiplies. ❤️

    • D_analyzt

      I’m glad you found this helpful . choosing to be happy and not thinking negative is a bold step we should all take in our lives . yes we should be thankful for everything

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