How to create a vision statement

Creating a vision statement is one of the difficult thing we have to discipline ourselves to do and stick with . In my last post, I talked about why you should create a vision statement .Let’s look at “ How to create a vision statement

We have seen its importance , we don’t want to fall for anything . we don’t want life tossing us around ,so we need to create a vision and make it plain but how?

Your vision must contain

Your logical mind : your goals

Image : create a picture in your mind

Feeling : How does it feel to achieve all of that

Backed up with Actions : work towards it and speak the right words into it .

I have lots of goals , one of them is to have a publishing firm in my state. It sure does feel good to be successful , my publishing company is so fine and I’m making waves . I want to achieve this and more but do I sit and wait for it to happen . NO!!!!

God will not give you money ,he would give you wisdom to make wealth . Solomon asked for wisdom and he got more than that ,he got wealth . wisdom is the highest currency in heaven .

With the right word I’m receiving ,I know its my responsibility to apply it to my life . I can’t hear the word of God and not be productive . He has given me wisdom ,now I have to work and make it happen .

Success is not what happens to you ,it’s what you make happen.

Often times we tend to give up quickly because we do not know what’s success would mean for us . when people say things are not working for them , it’s because they lack vision .

How to create a vision statement

Some people are so comfortable at the low level they are in . They are refusing to get up and move .

Some people in business are just there for the money sake , they do not have any vision about the business. Yes ,money is involved but is the business growing ?

Are you taking it from a small scale to a large scale . Are you networking . Sometimes the reason we are stagnant is because we are not taking our business to the right people and places .

Life na turn by turn

People tend to use this word a lot , today is Mr Peter’s turn next time it would be your turn so wait for your’s.

My life can never be turn by turn , everyday is my turn

In the lords prayer , there’s a part that says Give us this day our daily bread .


Jesus did not pray to receive today’s bread then come back next tomorrow and ask for another bread . He prayed to receive his daily bread today . He asked for next tomorrow’s bread, next year’s bread ,he asked for it all today so we would never run out of supply .

Everyday I have my bread because Christ has given me my daily bread . I never run out of supply . I am excited knowing that I never run dry or remain stagnant .

What do you do each day ? This sums up your vision . Write down your vision and each day act upon it . Are you learning ? Are you working towards your goals ?

Creating a vision brings clarity to you and everyone in your space . Every mission requires a process ,the first is to create your vision then work towards it .

Be patient ,do not quit when the storm comes .

  • What are your goals for your family
  • How would you take your career to the next level , who are the people in your niche . Gather knowledge about them and what they are doing. Apply wisdom
  • Are you healthy? your health should also be your focus

Anything outside of all this are just time waster.

To avoid wastage of time you should write down your goals so you don’t spend time doing unnecessary things . Try to take off some things off your schedule that won’t push that vision forward .

Life is a business , the profitability is the wise decision you make .

I have written my goals , I am working towards them ,I am learning everyday , what about you?

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