How to become the best version of yourself

If you are reading these congratulations for you have decided on taking that bold step of changing your life and becoming the best version of yourself

If you just stumbled across my blog, I would love you to start by reading my previous post where I talked about who you are.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey in exploring ourselves.

I’m on the right track

I took a bold step to turn my life around, I saw that I was falling behind all this while. It was like my eyes were open to see reality. I saw that some people weren’t who they said they were and they were the ones to criticize and judge my new change. I also noticed that I could have done better in school instead I was going down in grades.

I cried because I felt like a failure but then I decided on taking that bold step. I made a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish, I call them my goals, then I started working towards it.

Do you feel you ready to take that bold step? then you are on the right track; Go for it.

the best version of yourself

Make a list of your goals

Desires, passion, goals backed up with action produces results.


I made a list of what I wanted to accomplish. First on my list was to graduate from the university. I worked extra hard last semester and prayed also. God answered my prayers, I bagged my B.A last year. I also wrote on my list that I want to finish a book and open a blog . Which I did, I have a completed manuscript titled ” A Letter to her ” and I opened my blog

What is that thing you truly desire? what is that goal in your mind that you wish to accomplish? it’s not too late to write them down. Make a list of all your desires, break them into bits and start accomplishing them one by one.

In order to become the best version of yourself you need to put in so much work in yourself

  •  Invest in your mind
  • Build your attitude
  • Let go of your past
  • Live like you’ve never been hurt or broken.
  • Let go of your past
  • Cut out negativity and negative people from your life.


The people you associate yourself with affects your life. If you want to succeed in life then hang out with successful people. To be great at what you do then you need people who are great at what they do. Stop hanging around failures hence you tend to be like them.

choose yourself; the best version of yourself

Choose your friends don’t let them choose you

Work on yourself, read books, be creative, at all times invest in yourself.

I have a book club where we get to read and exchange ideas. Our book for the month was Jen Sincero’s ” You Are A Badass ” if you are interested in reading more books then send me a message.

Don’t stop working, no matter how much you fail don’t stop. Don’t fear failure, fight that fear and don’t let that fear fight you. You are a fighter, you are a winner so at all times win.


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Don’t stop winning.

You are a continuous work in progress.

What other ways can we employ in becoming the best version of ourselves? Share it with me by leaving a comment

P.s it was Oprah’s birthday yesterday. she’s my mentor and I love her so much. Happy birthday Oprah 💖

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