How to be a worthy woman

Back in the days when education was mostly accessed by men, women were seen as the object of the home. A man marries just because he wants someone to cook, clean, give birth to a football field, and of course oil his engine.

Women in those days were subjected to all forms of abuse; mentally, emotionally and physically.

The synonym of a woman in Nigeria is the kitchen. if you see the woman you see the kitchen.  

Things have changed, women are getting educated but some men still want to reduce their wives to home figure.

I do not support this motion that says ” a woman’s place is in the kitchen “ when you see a woman doing things in the nation, making decisions, contesting for political positions some men would say ” God forbid say woman go rule me, make she go house go sit down ” I shake my head in shame for their ignorance.

Our young ladies growing up to be women are the only ones that can correct this notion. We are the generations that can have marriages that our kids would look up to . if we fail like our parents then there won’t be hope for the next generation.

Things need to be revamped. Mentalities need to be changed, our ladies need to be worthy women.

A worthy man recognizes a worthy woman, women need to be worthy so they don’t settle for cheap men. When people marry right it reduces the rate of abusive marriages and divorce. Men need to be worthy as well so there can be a balance.

How to be a worthy woman

Are you tired of being looked down upon like your life means nothing when you know you are worth more or do you want to be worthy then this post is for you?

How to be a worthy woman

An excellent woman [one who is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous], who is he who can find her? Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls

proverb 31:1 amp

Proverbs teach us who a worthy woman is and how we can become one. A worthy woman is excellent. After writing an exam your script comes out and you scored 100 %, your remark is excellent, how does that feel? good right. This is how the bible scores you if you are found worthy then you are excellent.

She has been found excellent by God, in her works she is excellent. This is not based on your definition of excellent or worthy, if the things mentioned here are not what you exhibit or what you are working on then you are not a worthy woman who is excellent you need to start working on it so you can be a worthy woman.


A worthy woman is spiritual. The bible could have easily said intelligent first before spiritual but it made it clear by saying spiritual first. spirituality is not religiosity. Often times we are just religious and not spiritual. Being spiritual is you submitting your self to the will of God, knowing him, studying his word and living it.

Spirituality goes beyond going to church, its a personal relationship with God. So as a single woman your first relationship should be with God . If you don’t have a personal relationship with God then you can’t know his will for you, you won’t know how complete you are or know how to love a man. You must first know God.

Christ should be your first priority.

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How to be a worthy woman ; submit to God

Spirituality is not something you achieve, it’s a continuous work. You do it every day of your life, you know God and love his things. Are you a spiritual woman? Are you building your spiritual life? This is the first thing you should check in your life.

Any relationship that isn’t built-in Christ cannot stand strong. one of the reasons I broke up with my ex was the fact that I started walking in the ways of Christ and all our errors starting coming out, the relationship was not God’s will and everything started changing.

Let Christ be the foundation you build on. I’m tired of hearing the everyday case of divorce, we don’t need more divorced people in the street who make others feel marriage is not worth it. we need more people to marry right and this can only be achieved through Christ.


You must be capable and hardworking for yourself. Secure a future, there are lots of opportunities out there to grab, stop waiting for men to do everything for you. Be independent. You must chase your goals and dreams and the right man would be attracted to you.

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Good men are not looking for liabilities as a wife, they are not looking for women who want to just sit at home and get fat. They need hardworking women, capable women. But you must first be hardworking for yourself not because you want to get married

Some men are intimidated by hardworking women and they tend to cut their lives short but the right man from God can never bring you down, he would ensure you achieve everything and more.

Are you capable? What can you do madam? If all you can do is sit and watch tv then you don’t fall under this category, you need to work and get up to this part. it’s nice just relaxing, no stress, being in the comfort of your zone, eating, watching TV and sleeping. it’s so nice but it’s not good.

There was a time all I did was eat, sleep and watch TV, it was fun but I was complaining. I said I needed a job, was tired of getting fat. yes, I got myself a job. My job is stressful sometimes but I can’t quit, I have to work for my future. you may not like the job you are doing but you have to do it.

We can’t quit because we are tired. There’s no giving up, we must continually build ourselves and be fit for any task given to us.

You must do what you don’t like in order to do what you love.

There are so many things I love to do and I will do them but I don’t have the ability or power yet, so I have to keep walking with that goal in mind which I know would be achievable. A worthy woman is a capable woman, one who is capable of handling a specific task. The task does not include just her work, her family is also included, her husband and her kids. She is capable of taking care of them.

Don’t care for business alone and forget your family. This can be really tough but try to create a balance


Intelligence is not measured by your certificate or the school you went to, there are so many graduates who went to school yet they are not intelligent.

Intelligence is your ability to think and solve problems. How do you reason? What comes out from your mouth? How do you act or do things? This measures if you are an intelligent being.

As Christ-like we are intelligent, God our creator is intelligent, he possesses all form of intelligence and creativity and as his sons, we are intelligent beings as well. How we use it depends on us, we must build ourselves, train our minds and not settle for less.

As a woman, you must be intelligent, not a dull woman. Not dull in spirit and in reasoning. You must be intelligent, ask yourself am I intelligent?

One of the ways to build yourself is to read. An intelligent person knows how to read, to understand, acquire knowledge, practice what she has learned. We are not dull people, we can read, understand and practice the word.

The word of God is a guideline to our lives and we are living it. In society, we speak and people listen because we have the wisdom of God and it is at work in us.

we make decisions that will bring change to the world. We are problem solvers, we do not settle for less, we know how to handle our family and also our business, we are intelligent women.

Say it to yourself “I am intelligent” don’t just say it but walk in it.


The bible teaches so much truth, writing this part took me aback and I asked myself am I a virtuous woman.

Let’s see Philippians 4:8-9( KJV
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.

Virtue is things that are true, noble, fair, it brings peace, it’s admirable. Characters we display should bring peace, it should be admirable, it should be worthy of praise. In my past relationship I exhibited none of this virtue, I was an angry woman going crazy 😂 




My character didn’t bring peace either was anything admirable about it but I thank God that I was able to get myself to a point where I knew that I needed Christ and only with him can I get things done.



Since my walk with Christ, I have noticed that there is a change, you can’t be virtuous on your own, it is Christ that gives you the power to be all of these. The last verse says and the God of peace will be with you, he is with us as we consciously walk in this light.

He’s there to always guide us as we practice this virtue .virtue is a broad topic on its own and I advise we study more on it. I read something online. Here’s the link it explains virtue more, please read it what does virtue mean

With characters like this displayed, trust me you will meet the best man because you have grown into a woman of worth, worthy far above rubies, your worth can’t be compared. It’s not easy though, sometimes we lose it but we keep pushing on to become better for ourselves. 

You attract who you are. You can’t be gold and attract bronze or nickels. you either attract gilds or diamonds other previous jewels higher than you but you can’t attract less. This means as a guy you have to possess everything listed here. if you don’t have it please don’t stress yourself and look for this kind of woman. You won’t have her, so be it and she will be yours.

When one attains or possess such characters do not just say to yourself I have this let me relax, its a conscious effort to keep walking in that light. So keep being a worthy woman for the rest of your life.

You become a worthy woman by first knowing God. Are you a worthy woman? If no then you need to come into the truth and become that which your creator has designed you to be.

It starts by simply desiring God, accepting Christ as your savior, and submitting to him.


At my early age before marriage, I want to ensure I attain a certain height before marriage comes. My focus is my walk with Christ, my career and my life (character).

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Are you going to be a worthy woman?

I am a worthy woman
Each day I will know what the lord is saying and walk in it.
I will consciously walk and do what the Lord desires for me. I am intelligent, I am capable, I possess virtuous character.
I will continually develop myself
I am worth more than precious stones.

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  • Ann H Aschauer

    Proverbs 31 can be intimidating to women – Are there really women who can do ALL THAT? But the writer never says she does it all in one day. Our lives are made up of seasons, and God can help us focus where we need to in the season we find ourselves in. As you said, keeping close to Him is the key to everything.

    • D_analyzt

      I was talking to a friend today and he said we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I believe we are all this, we were created to be virtuous, now it depends on us to walk in the consciousness of that. I don’t do all of that in one day, it is a process, sometimes a struggle, but even when I fall i pick myself up and walk in the consciousness of who i am. It’s who you are dear, walk in the consciousness of who you are. Thanks for leaving a comment

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