Happy birthday to me



What do people do when it’s their birthday?

What do they say to themselves?

I have a million words to say it myself but none can be compared to what God says about me.

He has been my rod and my staff

He has guided me, protected me, provided for me, loved me more than I love myself.

Birthday girl

What you should know about me

I’m very passionate: passion is a fuel that drives whatever I’m doing. I’m passionate about everything I do.

I’m a content creator: Yes, I write and create contents on anything ( in line with my belief)

I’m a talker: 😁😁 world-renowned talker and I do believe my talking gift is for a purpose. You’ll find out soon, just keep up with me.

I’m a problem solver: I aim to solve problems humanity is faced with by the grace of God.



P.S: I’m going on a break but I promise to be back soon, my coming back is going to wow you.  Promise to come back with great content that will help you grow and solve your problems.



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Warm greetings to you! I'm Blessing Bossman by name and I'm glad to have you here. This is a positivity blog that aims at helping people achieve their life and career goals. It will give me joy to see that you succeed in life as I do too. This is why I create meaningful, longlasting content that will solve your problems and give answers to your dilemma. To know more about me visit my about page. Connect with me on Instagram @ d_analyzt Twitter @ d_analyzt and facebook @ blessing bossman


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