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Happiness ; a state of mind or a destination

Happiness is used in the context of emotional states , including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing and well-being.


Food helps our body function properly so does happiness helps us function right . An angry man is more likely to perform poorly than a happy man ,why ? he’s state of mind .

Be happy

Being happy is a state of mind . what matters most in life is finding joy in the little or big things you do . We perform well when we are happy. If you are to perform well each day you can’t be a sadist , you should be a happy man .

What makes you happy?

If I was to ask some people what makes them happy they would give me a list like this

  • Money
  • Cars
  • Husband
  • Good clothes
  • To afford anything I want

The list above is not a bad idea ,its great . I want to be able to afford anything I want and do whatever I like and I would be happy . The poor man would say ” the rich man is always happy because he has everything ” . The rich man would say ” money is not everything , I just want to be happy

I’m sure you have heard people say this . now the question to ask yourself what truly makes me happy ?

Where not to place your happiness


If you place your happiness on a man you will end up getting disappointed because humans change . I used to be happy based on how I’m being treated by my partner ,if he’s mad at me I get sad . my whole day will be filled with sadness because he’s mad at me .

This shows he has a say in my happiness, he can turn me on and off at any time. He knows he makes me happy and being mad affects me a lot . He could use it to his advantage but I thought about it . why let someone control how I feel . why let someone’s action determine when I’m happy or not ?

I turned off that switch and I decided to make myself happy. If he’s mad at me that’s his issue it doesn’t affect my state of mind . I would still be so happy, write my book , do my stuff without caring less . unlike before when I couldn’t do any of such just because someone is mad at me .

Then I’ll have to apologize first before I can restore my mood. No! No ! He longer defines my happiness, I do .

What I’m saying in essence is you should never place your happiness on humans they would disappoint you . when the one who makes you happy ends up disappointing you ,what would become of you ?

I have heard stories of people committing suicide because their partner broke up with them. Their last word would be ” He is my happiness ” . This is sad no one has the power to make you sad or happy, choose to be Happy regardless of people .

Humans are natural anti depression medicine . They are meant to make each other happy but they have the power to make you sad also . stop tying your happiness to humans ,we are flawed and selfish.

I can decide on making myself happy without thinking about you and if you were expecting to derive joy from me then I become a disappointment to you.

Monetary values

People tend to place their happiness on things money can buy . if they are broke they are sad and nothing interest them anymore . They only get happy when there’s money .

If you are like this then get ready for a cake of disappointment. Life is not always rosy , it is a slice of bitterness and happiness . your happiness should not be placed on monetary values ,it depreciate.

Choose to make yourself happy

I choose to be happy so am going to be happy . I don’t have to wait on a man to make me happy , I don’t have to wait on a fat check to make me happy , I will be happy regardless.

Self affirmation
Love,smile be happy

Be happy based on who you are and what you do . no matter how broke you are be happy , like I said in my previous post stop complaining about your life . No matter how much you complain things won’t change so choose to be happy regardless of your situation .

Having a fat check would get me excited not having it would also get me excited . Receiving love from my partner would get me excited not receiving it would also get me excited .

My happiness lies in me, I choose to be happy so I would be happy . The lives I impact makes me happy, arguing or airing my opinion makes me happy . writing makes me happy ,taking myself out makes me happy . Being alone and reading a book makes me happy . I find happiness even in the little things I do .

Choose to be happy today so you can perform well. Happiness is a state of mind you don’t arrive at it so everyday of your life choose to smile ,choose to be joyful . Don’t be negative about your life ,be positive.


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