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How to be happily single

The first rule to be happily single is no rules. Yes you heard me right there are no rules, there are no ways, you just need to be yourself and love yourself more.



Being single is another chance for you to breathe and live. Its another opportunity for you to love yourself more, learn about you, embrace your imperfection.



Seeing the errors and correcting them,  learning to love God more and walking in his ways. It’s a preparatory class for you to be what you want in others and I hope you use it well.



How to be happily single ; definition of single

I have been away for a while, trying to get myself into writing but all I find myself doing is nothing. Have been so lazy these past weeks please forgive me. During my little break, I went for a meeting titled ” single connect “.

It was organized by a church. I love listening to messages on marriage because it gives me more understanding of the concept of “Relationship ” and also prepares me for the future.

Does Life Have a Second Chance?

I was standing close to my mirror admiring my beautiful dark reflection when it dawned on me that I just got a second chance. Just the thought of it made me happy and I reminisced which caused me to be more grateful.

Imagine I had a baby, I would have been a single mother by now. Imagine I had no job I would have been a frustrated girl at this young age so many thoughts swept through my mind and it made me realize that God has given me a second chance.



It’s a blank slate for me to rewrite my story and get things right. it’s time for me to unlearn and learn,  it’s time for me to walk consciously in his ways. It’s just another time to get it right.

How to be happily single

Being single is an opportunity for you to chase the right things. It’s  time for you to forgive yourself and move on with life.



Being single does not mean loneliness or rejection, don’t feel no one wants you because you are single. Most single people run into depression because they have the wrong mindset that being single is a curse.



Being single is not a curse, you don’t need a man to tell you ” you are beautiful ” before you know you are.

I Am Beautiful, I Am Special.

I don’t need a man to say this to me before I feel good or know, I already know. my mirror knows. If you must be happily single then you need to validate yourself and not wait for others validation.

Choose Yourself

Before any man would choose you, ensure you choose yourself. If you want to be happily single then you need to learn to choose you and your needs first.

This is the time for you to choose yourself over any toxicity. Its time for you to correct those things that need to be corrected. it’s time for you to appreciate yourself more

It’s time for you to dress up for yourself. It’s  time to be free.

Do More of You

I have been single for months and trust me I’m having the best time of my life. I am free to go anywhere I want without being questioned by anyone.

I am not entitled to anyone and don’t do things when I don’t want to. It’s time for me to go to church without being held back or having second thoughts. It’s time for me to see my mistakes and correct them.



It’s time for me to prepare myself for marriage and know who to date when the time is right. It’s time for me to breath again.

Note: You can be single and doing the wrong thing. You must be careful so you don’t lose yourself cause we have a way of thinking that we are not good enough that’s why no man wants us.

No! Stop thinking that way, you should want yourself before anyone. God wants you and he would bring the right people to you.

Being Single is Smarter Than Being in a Wrong Relationship

Be Who You Want

Relationship is like a bank account, where you deposit and withdraw from . What you deposit is a reflection of who you are. What are you depositing? Are you withdrawing more? If you withdraw more than you deposit then you are likely to go bankrupt.

A lot of times, people don’t see their bad sides. They only see the fault in others. we don’t look at where we might have gone wrong. Our eyes were made to see what’s in front of us but we also need to learn to look within us.



Taking responsibility is a sign of maturity.


You need to learn to look within and work on yourself.

If you want diamonds you can’t be nickel, we attract our kinds. A lot of people want the best man but they are not even up to what the best man wants

They get disappointed when people leave them, they see only the fault in others and they forgot to develop themselves constantly to keep being what the best man wants.

Take Your Time

Being single is not the time to jump from one relationship to another. what are you testing? Its time for you to work on yourself. Don’t give room to the flesh but be focused on the right things.

Its time to read and grow your mind.

It’s another time for you to be the woman a man would want and a man a woman will want. Many times we write what we want in a man but we fail to write what we can give to a man(vise verse) What are do you have to deposit into the bank account

So check within yourself and know what you can give out and what you can’t. Find yourself in Christ and be happy with life.

If you want to be happily single then you must learn to develop yourself more and love your growth.

Things to do While Staying Single.

  • Go to church more often – I don’t know about you but where your heart is there lies your treasure. God is my treasure and I will worship him for the rest of my days. I go to church because I am growing there. I am being trained for life, marriage, career, etc.
  • Don’t stay idle: An idle man is the devil’s workshop. Get a job, get something doing, don’t stay at home and dwell in your mystery. Get up and move, associate with people but the right company. Don’t I repeat don’t stay at home and cry?
  • Do more of you: So this period has been my time my rules. I decide where I go to, I decide who I talk to and what I do.
    I plan on visiting a library and going to the pool . its time for me to do certain things alone and I miss it.  Recently I went to a poetry show, I needed that. it was my first ever performance. check it out on my  Facebook page. That day I was happy because I got to travel out of town and I wasn’t stopped, wow how amazing that is. So do more of you
    Develop your talent and be true to yourselves yourself more there’s nothing as sweet as having you all to yourself and loving you. Don’t forget to develop yourself and navigate through the right course.

A new category would come up on my blog, I want to share with you the messages I listen to. Everyone needs to learn, getting more people to listen to this truth have come into would give me great joy. so when audio messages come up please do download

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Happy new month  It’s August. Next month is my birthday, I’m so grateful to God, I just can’t thank him enough, if I can buy him a gift I would but I can’t which is why I would give him myself as the gift.

When is your birthday?

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How to be happily single


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  • Ibukun

    “Being single is not the time to jump from one relationship to another. what are you testing?” 😂 🎤? 🏃🏃. I laughed when I read that. You are an interesting piece of work you know.

    But joking apart, folks need to understand the concept of being single. It will interest many to know that biblically, singleness refers to wholeness/completeness. Singleness is not the exact synonym of unmarried – it’s a state of being (in Christ). It’s not the time to go about doing ‘random sampling’. It’s basically a time to prepare/plan for the future.

    The foundation laying stage of a man’s life is when he/she is single. So I wonder why folks are In a hurry to get into something they’ll be in for a very long time. It’s expected that we mature (physically, spirituality, emotionally, financially, socially) at this point of in our lives. Being single comes with its perks only if one would value it for what it is. Meanwhile, I think you already touched on the most important things to do as an unmarried fellow.

    The earlier we get to reckon with the essence of our singleness, the better our prospects as married folks.

    Inciteful post Blessing.

    Glad to know your birthday is fast approaching. When is it specifically so I can start making arrangements 😉. Meanwhile, we are both ’ember’ children. Mine is October 10.

    P.S. You may want to route your response through my email (ayansolaibukun18@gmail.com) since I’m not likely to receive it via the normal channel.

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