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Girl child marriage

Girl child marriage is a violation of human right.

It is a violation of human right to marry a child when she is not of age . When she is not ready to face life as a wife . she needs to discover who she is in Christ before she can decide on whom she wants to get married to .

In my previous post , I am a child not a bride . I talked about the reasons why people marry their child off at a early stage and one of the reason is gender inequality. God did not create a lesser gender , he made us male and female in his own image and likeness .

The bible made us equal . God is not partial , he did not create a lesser gender

Poverty; a reason for early marriage

Stories have been told of how girls were forcefully taken away in their sleep just to be married. We’ve heard stories of how mother’s pressurize their daughters into early marriage all because of money .

A man visits a home on a regular basis ,buying gifts for a girls family. Unknowingly to the girl someone is paying her bride price . she wakes up one morning only to find out she is has been married .How did it happen ?

Men invest money on a child just so they can marry her and have her as wives . This is not right , a woman is a person of her own . she is complete without a man so she would be able to know when its right for her to get married .

Sometimes this men are way older than the girl. If the girl was to refuse on marrying him the man might ask for his money back or would forcefully take custody of the child.

This is so funny to me ,I’m literary laughing while writing this . I sat outside one evening only to see a little girl who should be of age 15-18 she is already married and the man she is married to should be of age 30-35.

He’s from the northerner part of Nigeria and a security man . Both of them were walking home, I was forced to stare. Sometimes I feel like asking her why ? . just why did she get married? I’m curious .

End girl child marriage

Poverty has caused lots of dreams to be tarnished, damaged and forgotten . most people who are married got married just because of the poor background of their family .

People from a poor home are most likely to send their kids out to be married early so they can have an in-law who can Carter for their needs and daughters .

This is why they don’t mind if the man becomes abusive or starts cheating . They tell their daughter to forgive because they don’t want to miss out from the goodies .

Some girls get married because of money. If you marry someone because of money then what would happen if the money gets finished

Marry for the right reason . The right one would not ask you to compromise your self worth because them .

Parents should work hard to secure their kids future . both man and woman are equal and they need to know their worth.

If you are poor and can’t afford through three square meal then don’t give birth to a football Field

Family planing is very necessary as couples

Ignorance the new culture

Most African culture is as a result of ignorance . The culture that supports child marriage is wrong and some people are unwilling to let go of such way of life

Girl child marriage . marriage is not an achievement

In Africa, it is believed that marriage is the greatest accomplishment of a woman . They believe marriage completes you . Marriage does not complete anyone , you are a person of you own .

If you are getting married just to feel complete then you are getting married for the wrong reason . Jesus or the Apostle Paul was never married , would you say they were not complete ?

Marriage is not an accomplishment or an achievement.

As years go by things change ,we should learn to adopt the positive things and get rid of our old mentality that is of bad effect to us .

There were all sort of I’ll practices in the past but some people put a stop to it . we should do same.

Giving a child out for marriage is a wrong practice , we are doing that child more harm than good . She does not even know why she is living other than her husband and kids and that is wrong .

Girls should also be involved in the growth of the nation , all lives matters.

End girl child marriage

Bad effect of child marriage

  • It kills dreams
  • It reduces the value of a woman
  • It makes her a victim especially when she has an abusive husband
  • It silences the woman
  • She doesn’t see herself as more and can’t explore her abilities .

Why the girl child marriage should be stopped

  • It will increase the number of female leaders in our society
  • It will put an end to stereotypes that women are meant for the kitchen
  • It will make women more financially independent
  • It will enable women choose partners for themselves.
  • It will reduce divorce and suicide women commit in marriages

I am a child let me grow ,let me use my voice , learn to walk before run. Let me be a child before a mother who would nurture another child . what would I teach my child , to be a mother like me or to go for dreams ?

I need to live my dream first before I teach others how to . I have wings so let me fly ,I have legs so let me run . I am a child not your bride .


  • Alghashiyah

    This was a great read and so unfortunate for young girls who hasn’t begun to know herself and body before it is sold off. I watched a special I believe it was called the red light documentary about young girls being trafficked at a young age as young as 7/8 years old and the parents were down with it but trying to cover it up saying they were going to work. It was heart breaking

    • D_analyzt

      This is the sad reality .I’m glad open are opening their eyes to the truth . women are getting educated by the day and we are speaking up against this practice

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