How to get up from a fall in life

Back then in primary school, we used to sing a song during sports time and it goes like this

Ring a ring o’ roses,

a pocketful of posies, atishoo, atishoo,

all fall down

Get up no matter the fall


In the last part, we all go down on the floor laughing but get back on our feet and continue the same process of going down and up. There’s another song I like as well which goes like this

Roll roll roll your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily merrily merrily merrily

Life is but a dream


Fall down

The meaning of both rhymes now makes sense to me. Back then it didn’t, we just saw it as a nursery rhyme and it was fun to sing rhymes. Now I’m an adult and each word has become so real to me.



If a child falls down while playing he gets up and cleans himself. Even if he cries or runs to his mother you will notice that in no time he would run back to the field to continue with his game. He refuses on letting the fall stop him from playing, he rather falls a million times than stop playing his game.



This is why a footballer, no matter the injury would always return back to the field. He doesn’t let the injury keep him away from his game.

Same as you, after a long day work you fall down to your bed and rest but the next day you are up and ready to conquer the world again.



This is the only difference between you and the dead. We all go to sleep but the dead sleep forever while we have the opportunity to stand up and continue with our journey. The dead do not have that opportunity to rise and continue but here you are given another day to utilize and that day is today.


Get up no matter the fall

I asked myself today ” if you die would you be satisfied ” deep inside of me I know I won’t. I haven’t written that book, I haven’t touched that life, I haven’t enjoyed the beauty today brings and why is that ” I am locking myself up or rather I am allowing myself to be locked up when I just want to be free but then who caged me if not me ”



In my journey through life, I have seen people fall in life and just remain in that state. I have also seen men who fell, picked up their bags and walked. I have seen even the closest people to me fall. I saw my father fall but he refused to be defeated by his fallen state so he picked up his bag and walked.


Get up from that fall in life


You are not defeated yet until you decide on remaining in that fallen state.

Don’t choose to remain in that state but pick up your paddles and roll your boat. The sea is never smooth, it gets windy and stormy, the storm can be boisterous as well but never let the fallen state become your settlement.



A friend of mine once said to me that she has a friend who is a motivational speaker and he can’t continue with what he is doing because he lost his confidence. I pray he regains it though but God has not given us a spirit of fear.




He has given unto us the spirit of power, love and a sound mind. So no matter the fall refuse to remain fallen.

What about me I am not excluded. I fell and I thought my whole life and all I stand for has ended but no it hasn’t. I stood up and continued my journey accepting the fact that I made a mistake but that shouldn’t define me.


The fact that I have today is enough for me to get things right. Every day is worth fighting for, don’t waste it by staying fallen.

It’s time to get up and roll your boat no matter your fall in life

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