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How are you feeling today ? I hope you learn from me each day ? Cause that’s the essence of this blog ,to encourage and teach you according to my best knowledge. If you just stumble across my blog ,why don’t you check out my previous post and tell me what you think . P.S I have a book club ,sell your books ,write more ,read more ,let’s be more productive .

        Get some worth


Like the price of a goods ,there is a price attached to you as a woman and as a man . if you don’t know how much you are worth then you can give it out for lower price or for free . As a woman what do you do when you meet a man who likes you ,how do you react to the love he gives you ? Do you give yourself freely to him because he tells you ‘i love you ‘ or you take your time to know if he’s truly what you want before entering the relationship .

How you carry and raise your standards is how people are going to treat you ,if you bring yourself down then they would look down on you but if you raise your standards up then they would look and regard you highly .

Let me tell you a story #storyteller . I used to be this little girl who wanted love ,I wanted to be happy. I was young about 15 years old when I went to college . pretty young right ? I was naive ,I was learning quick ,I wanted to be know everything ,taste everything ,I wanted to know everyone . that made me have  lots of boyfriends . I could date a guy for three days and we done the next day I don’t love you anymore ,I’m unto the next guy . love didn’t seem like a big deal to me ,I was having fun . fast forward to my second year ,I dated this guy and he was my first true love . I loved him until it turned obsession ,I would cry ,kneel,beg and beg just for him to love me . I did so many crazy things while growing up , I was heart broken by him ,after several months after our break up he would call me even though he had someone else but I still found myself in his arms. Then one day I decided on staying away until I’m able to get over him completely.

Did I have some worth as a young girl ,the answer is No . if I knew who I was at that time I would have been able to know which guy wants just my cookies and which guy wants something good with me . But I was blind towards myself ,neither did I have the right company to help correct me. We are birds of same feathers .

Fast forward to last year , I went through a journey of self realization ,I became fully aware of myself . my eyes were opened to see who I was ,I made a lot of changes in my life . * the things I used to do I wasn’t found doing them anymore * I took my time to know what I want before going into the next relationship which I’m still in and I’m so Happy here *I stopped throwing myself cheaply at people * I raised myself up so people can know and value me .

How do you know your worth

You know your worth by defining who you are ? So many people don’t know who they are . they live their lives by the definition of others ,they seek validation from others . they find their happiness from others . I still tell myself even though I’m in love ,I come first . my peace comes first ,my happiness comes first . so no matter what I shouldn’t lose myself in love and lower my standard for him . my boyfriend respects me so much because of what I do and how I think .

You know who you are by what you do and how you think . you need to think right ,you need to stop thinking of the guys you want to date ,or the clothes you want to buy or the parties you want to go . that shouldn’t be the only conversation you should have with your man or woman . you need to start thinking of something productive you want to do.  The words that should come out from your mouth should be of sense and not senseless . as a woman stop thinking of only parties ,clothes ,shoes etc start thinking of your future ,your goals ,your dreams . start working towards them . a man values a woman base on what she says .they look at the content of your words and that’s how they rate you . its not about how much sex you give them or how beautiful you look ,is about what you feed yourself and how productive you are that makes them value you.

Know that your happiness is within you and what you do.  You need to first find happiness in yourself before you find your happiness in others.  This is the reason most girls commit suicide and why most people are able to go through heart break . if you have some self worth then you won’t kill yourself because a guy left you . yes he left you ,you need to find out your flaws work on them and move on.  Invest in yourself more and when he sees you succeeding he would become a fan .

One mistakes people make is going back to their exes after he has left them and hurt them so bad . why do they call it ex ,he’s in your past . there’s a better future for you.  Some would think ,what if no other guy loves me ? Do you love yourself ,if yes then that’s enough.  You don’t need others love to live . you need to love yourself so much before you can give it out to someone else. God loves you and he’s love is sufficient for you .

And during that process of you being alone,are you desperate in finding love then you throw yourself at any guy that comes.  You sell him the cookies quick not minding if he’s the type of guy you need.  Guys comes in different ways ,they are good with words and can sweet talk you but when you are a calculative woman and a woman of worth,the guy would be stuck on you .

He didn’t plan on staying but you are too much of a good woman that he can’t lose you.  He would value and treasure you because you are intelligent,smart ,and not an ordinary girl .

You might say money add values to you ,if you have money you are valuable . wrong ideology.  Money is an extra ,but what you do and what you say is what add value to you.  The man would just wreck you down,stay loyal to you just to have all your money because he knows you don’t have sense ,so he would outsmart you . you need to have some sense and know your worth .

As a lady be financial independent, be contented so you won’t sell yourself because of money ,be intelligent ,read more ,educate yourself , be purposeful.


I want you to say this words and claim your self worth

*I’m courageous ,I’m strong ,I’m beautiful,I’m not cheap ,I’m determined ,I’m purposeful

* I think and talk wisdom, I am full of love,no one can love me more than I love myself, I am happy , I have some worth .

I pray my words encourage you to have some worth . I will still teach on this topic cause it’s a long one . before then ,join my book club today . let’s spend more time being productive . let’s read more books,write more ,educate ourselves and also you can sell your books with me (ebooks accepted )


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