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Financial independent woman

  1. Financial independence is women’s right . we’ve gotten to the last phase of Womanity is humanity

Financial independent woman

I know some few women who would love to sit at home , flip channels , wear makeup, go to parties , visits friends without having any idea of how to make money or without any coin to their name . They would prefer their husband to fend for them,cloth them, feed them, buy them everything, this is WRONG .

  1. As a woman you should be able to do certain things for yourself , you don’t have to wait on your boyfriend or husband to do everything for you .

Times are changing , we are getting educated so I don’t see the reason why any woman won’t be financially independent . It is your right as a woman who is human to make her own money.

Financial independence is women's right

When I say financially independent, I don’t mean you should have all the money to your name , what I mean is you should work for your money so you can support your home and yourself .

You don’t leave all the financial responsibility to your man , he needs support . Just because he’s the head of the family doesn’t mean he’s going to carry all the responsibility himself .

Some men just because they fend for their wives or girlfriend they use it as an opportunity to be abusive . I heard a guy say to his friends .

My wife knows me very much , if I’m angry I can use bottle or anything to stab her so she just gives me my space. I feed her , cloth her, buy her weavon so she has to respect me and do all I say . there was a day I beat her, lock the door so my kids wouldn’t hold me .

I looked at this man as he talked and I was disgusted , he was so proud of himself . some men are of that nature , because they do stuffs for you ,they see it as an avenue to beat you up or insult you .

Ladies there’s nothing wrong if you make your own money , you will not die if you buy yourself the things you need . you will not die if you stop asking your man for money all the time and start hustling for yourself .

Is it a crime if you own a house , car , properties with your own money . would you die , hell no . so please start working for your money . stop depending on a man’s money . your money is your money and your man’s money is his not ours . when you need he gives you but its not yours.

Some women might say they are not educated so where do they start from . Education is all about knowledge , its knowing , not being ignorant. Me passing this message across is a form of education . Which is why I would tell you now to start up a business .

If you don’t have a certificate you can work with then start up a small business and grow from there . there are so many women that started small and today they are doing massive exploits . so what’s stopping you from saving and starting small . you need to stop flipping channels each day , stop gossiping and start making money with that time .

 Financial independent woman

Why should I have my own money ?

  1. It  you become a great support to your home
  2. Helps you get stuffs at your own will
  3. Money is power and power is freedom .
  4. It limits insult and abuse from your spouse
  5. It helps you get out of abusive relationships or marriage
  6. You can do whatever you want (travel , buy cars, houses , clothes , help people ) etc.

Wait a minute , there’s more to that list but the few I have listed don’t tell me you don’t want such freedom.

Ladies work for your money , men like independent women . lets stop making this men feel like all we want in a relationship is money . when they see we don’t need their money they would give us value .

They would respect us , be loyal , be honest , they would give us what we truly want and not sex and money . they would stop disvaluing you and start holding you like a egg they are scared of letting go .

I always tell women and young girls , the reason you are in this state is because you don’t have money. Have money first and see how your life would transform . I’m not saying be materialistic , all I’m saying is be able to afford things yourself .

Don’t be broke, money rules the world we live in today but don’t be desperate for money, work hard for it .

There are some men who are scared of independent women, they know they only have money to offer you so they spend so much on you. financial independent women are not enticed by all that , stop giving money and sex and start giving them real values .

women don’t let your husband or boyfriend stop you from working , he’s about to cage you . and if you are a man who does that, you are wicked . stop doing it . don’t take away her power, she’s more powerful than you can imagine .

And above all seek the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto you . seek God first , talk to him , be a kingdom giver , and people helper and every other thing shall be added unto you . Giving is spiritual , so let’s give to the people who are in need .

Have a blessed week .

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