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Hello guys ,how are you doing today .

Last month I travelled to my hometown which is Peretoru under ekeremor local government area in bayelsa state , Nigeria . This is my root and ancestral home . I travelled for my grandma burial.  I still miss her and I love her so much ,may her soul rest in peace.


This is a picture of my village . The essence of this post is to show you life in this village.

I believe one thing people should have access to free of charge is water ,not just any water but clean water . now take a look at the water ,let me ask you a question.  Can you drink from it ? Can you bathe in it ? Can you cook with it ? Definitely the answer is no .Do you know this is the same water the people of this village bathe in ,cook in ,wash clothes in , urinate in ,poo in , and even drink from .

This is the 21st century ,2018 going on 2019 but people are still living in abject poverty . This is the highest form of poverty I can think of . its so sad that people are living like this and there’s absolute nothing that can be done about it . like imagine ,why do we have a government if they can’t come to the aid of this community . why do we have a local government chairman in this community if they can’t come to their aid ,all they care about is their own selfish interest .



Can you see the picture above . this portrays poverty of the highest form . a woman is taking her bath with her child . she is not ashamed but can freely take her bath there with eyes on her .

They throw dirt in it and still cook from it . this can cause dysentery  and typhoid and so many disease I do not know . Something should be done here . I keep on praying to God to elevate me and take me places so when I make enough money I’m going to get good water system running for them that they don’t have to use from the river .

Apart from the water this people also face other issues . There is no school in this village . As funny as it may sound it is true . there is no means of education . so how do we secure the children’s future when they can’t read nor write . How can they be useful in the society when they are not educated. its so sad seeing all of this . the teachers appointed there to lecture don’t do their work.  They don’t even have a good classroom to learn . At the end of the month they wait on the government for salaries.  Salaries that is even delayed . I’m still asking why do we have the government when they can’t come to our aid’s. The price of goods is high ,things are hard in the country . people are suffering .

The rich people are concerned about what they can do for themselves ,only few people in this country are able to help others but we need more Nigerians to rise and fight the war against poverty . we need to go into poor remote villages in bayelsa state and help them . The governor of bayelsa state is trash ,there’s no word I can use to qualify him.

This is his state and he’s living well and embezzling money without improving it,its a shame .

Let’s fight against poverty ,so many people need help . let’s help them out . so help us God 🙏

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