Fear: face everything and run or face everything and rise

Good morning

Now you know who you are , now you see you are awesome , you are the best, can you now manifest it in your life . the choice is  yours. Some people would say but ” I’m not good , I’m not beautiful ” how can I say all this to myself when I know that’s not the truth .


Now I ask , why say you are not beautiful and limit yourself from doing that which you can do when you can say I’m beautiful and do it . Fear comes in the picture . fear is a strong uncontrollable feeling , its a state of being scared or afraid .

Fear is a major factor that limits us as humans from manifesting our true self . what are you scared of ?
* that you may not be liked
* what if you are not good enough
* would they accept you
Instead of going for that wish you truly desire you limit yourself by saying what if I’m not accepted , you seek for validation instead of being your awesome self and going for it

Why not tell yourself instead, I’m qualified for this , I can do it , I’m awesome .
What other people think about you has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them . if you are doing the right thing and some people criticize it note its not your fault , you shouldn’t let that discourage you from achieving your goals , you should be able to stop seeking validation from them and going for your desires .


Its time to replace every negative thinking with positive ones . you are everything you can ever be . take off the negative coat and embrace positivity so you can step into the light of your awesomeness .

In order to live a life of awesomeness you have to take off the coat of fear and limitations and embrace the real you . you have to start believing that you are everything and you can do anything instead of believing that you can’t .

Whatever life throws at you see it as a lesson , learn from it without changing who you truly are then transform it into your blessing . some might say but I can’t love anyone , I have been heart broken so its difficult for me to fall in love again .

You are not your heartbreak , you are not broken. You might have built a wall around your heart protecting yourself from falling in love but I want you to take that wall down . see the lesson from that experience and turn it into a blessing . learn from the experience , what went wrong ? Invest in yourself , become a better version of yourself . educate your mind and let love lead.

If you are depressed , then say to yourself I’m not depressed . I was not born depressed so why would I let this feeling reside in me . you are not your story , you are not your mistake , whatever happened to you has happened its time to stop playing the victim and start being the victor . you need to let go and embrace your awesome self .

You need to let go of all that has happened and manifest your true self . take a list of all your old negative habit , write them down . write how it has affected your life . say them, thank them for being in your life and tell them its time to go . tear the paper and feel those old habits leaving you . now write on a fresh paper what you would start doing, write your new thoughts and say it to yourself . replace negativity for positivity.

What if I don’t get the job
What if I get the job

What if they don’t accept me
What if I get accepted

I’m too fat and ugly so I can’t go out with my friends
I’m beautiful in my own ways so I’m going to dress up and go out

This are example of two different mindset , so which would you want to manifest in your life . would you choose to remain negative about your life and remain stuck or you would write that book, go on that date , write that exam , go for that interview with feelings that you would get it .

Let go of fear and replace it with positivity . and above all love yourself cause you are the only one there is and would ever be . you are the only person in the world that thinks like this . no one else thinks the way you do . no one else walks the way you walk so why hide your uniqueness when you can bring it all out and live it .

Now write what you are going to do , what fear has limited you from doing and say two  affirmations and start doing it now .

I am not specific, I am a lot of positive energies distributing parts of me to everyone I come across. A writer who wants to affect lives and change the world. How am I going to do that? Why don't you find out yourself 😏


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