Do this before you quit

How stressful it is to go on one more time . I understand this feeling cause I have been there and I’m just getting out of it but wait to this before you quit.

Sometimes all we want to do is sit and do nothing ,take a break from everything and everyone . Sometimes things don’t go as planned ,you feel like just shutting down .

Do this before you quit

That idea ain’t coming along as before,therefore the book seems uninteresting to you. you just feel like punching the delete button on it .

That blog ain’t giving you traffic ,no readers anymore ,you feel like you are talking to yourself ,it no longer makes sense .

Your job is stressful, the employees are driving you crazy ,you feel like just screaming at the top of your voice and sending in your resignation .

Your relationship ain’t fun anymore , you ain’t feeling the vibe, it doesn’t seem to work . You desire something else , he no longer understand you . There’s always dispute that disturbs your inner mind .

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You’ve lost everything, gone bankrupt , everyone has drifted from you cause you no longer have what you use to have .

You lost a loved one ,you can’t imagine going one more day , you are now depressed. You’ve landed into a state of confusion , you feel stuck , sad and its time to give up

Wait ! Do this before you quit

Ask yourself why ?

  • Why did you start that blog
  • Why did you start writing
  • Why did you love that person
  • Why did you walk down the aisle
  • Why did you love your job

Thinking about the why’s , I’m sure there’s a spark of light that illuminates your heart giving you joy that’s now evident on your face as you smile . Remembering how things used to work for you and how you used to be happy then, why give up now .

Sometimes when things are not working for us we feel its time to just quit and move on.

It’s time to ask yourself why did I start this then use that feeling as a fuel to keep you going.

Learn the lesson

Sometimes when we are in a place of confusion or stagnation its because we are being tested . life is an exam ,the words we hear and learn each day is our books , with this knowledge we would be tested .

Often times ,the things we come across have happened to us in the past.

Life is a de ja vu

Things keeps reoccurring and would continue occurring it depends on how we handle it . The course would be served until death . you have to learn the lesson and know how to handle such situation whenever it arises .

Why is your business not growing ?

Why is your life stuck ?

Why is your relationship no longer fun?

Why is life tiring?

You are not doing something right

All you need is to learn why it is not working and look for other ways to make it work instead of quitting.

Face the storm

Fear is a sinking force . it brings your attention to the problem with no solution and once this feeling is birthed you start drowning .

we fail to see the answer to our problems because we are too focused on the problem .

Love doesn’t feel right sometimes ,we get confused , we ask why we are in love with that person but answers don’t show forth . There might be issues all the time , you don’t agree on same things and we think ending it would be the best remedy .

It won’t ,face the issue . Talk to him/her about how you truly feel . Don’t spark up when they are speaking from anger , one should suppress their anger for the other . Don’t shout or walk away when they are angry ,listen to their worries and cries only then can you truly find the answers you seek for .

I have come to realize that if you fail to handle dispute in your relationship and you run away, you would face same issues in another relationship. Its better to sit and trash things out . learn how to communicate.

Communication begins when you are able to come to a persons level of understanding and you start speaking from there . Be suggestive not imposing ,don’t buckle up emotions. Communicate with your partner only then can you solve the main issue .

Don’t close that blog

Don’t stop writing that book

Don’t give up on that business

Don’t divorce that man

Face the storm

Learn the lessons ,take a break if it requires it but come back better and ready to get it right

There’s no peace without a storm ,you would face storms in everything you do but do not be afraid ,do not focus your attention on it ,it would pass away .

Speak to that storm

What are you saying concerning that situation. we tend to tear down things with our own words . we find it more easier to say negative things than positive .

When the storm arises , speak to it , speak Gods word to it . Focus on the word of God .

Out of the word was the world birthed

What is God saying concerning that situation . He’s saying all things are working together for my good . He didn’t say all things are not working but it is already working .

Don’t keep shut , say the word . Say this words to yourself and visit this site to get more confessions and messages to boost your life .

 I delight in Your Word and I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water. My leaf does not fade. I bring forth fruit in it’s season. I am a blessing to people today. [Ps 1] I am winning souls today. I am encouraging people today. My life is full of strength,God’s strength. I boldly declare that I prosper. I am not defeated, but I am prosperous and victorious. I am prospering in my mind, in my body, in my spirit, and in my finances. I am prospering in my marriage and my relationship, and in every area of my life. Whatever I do prospers.

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