Dear future me

Dear future me
I write this letter to you from the depth of my heart
I have searched all around the world for you
Without realizing you were just standing close to me waiting to be explored

I’m glad I found you
That is why I pen down this feelings
To show you how much I believe in you
I know you are so busy  catching up with meetings

Oh!  now I remember you told me Obama had scheduled a meeting with you so you can speak at the world’s conference

Yesterday you were educating the women
You spoke so boldly with lots of wisodm and I must say I am proud of who you have become

Dear future me
I know you are caught up with family , business and life itself
I know you have to be up to read that book and write so the world won’t be ignorant anymore

I know you aim to inspire generations trust me they already are
I watched you on TV
You bought me to tears with the work you have put into yourself
You showed me God through you
Indeed you are the word on two feet

Dear future me
I heard you are now the richest woman
I also heard that your wealth is more than Rockefeller and zuokerberg combined
I heard that you built a web space of positivity

You light up the world and darkness had to run on heels
I heard of all the great things you did

Dear future me
I can go on and on counting the wondrous work you did
The book deals you got for young writers
The confidence you built in people
The people you helped

How you even turned down offers from rich men who felt they can see your pant for nickels but you paid them salaries worth more than their net worth

You are an icon
A role model

But dear future me
With all this appraisals
I am writing you this letter to tell you that you should never forget the lord your God .
With all your accomplishments never praise yourself
All the praises belongs to God

I’m also writing to tell you that you shouldn’t get lost in the web of success
At all times be humble
For God lifts the humble
Dont wear a coat of pride but of many colors
So shall he color you

Dear future me.
Don’t forget me
Don’t forget the me
Don’t forget to take care of me
Don’t forget that  I am important and I always need you to feed me with the word and fulfill purpose

You are here to fulfill purpose
Never forget me
Dear future me

Dear future me

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