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create a vision statement

If you stand for anything you will fall for everything. Create a vision statement , don’t let fate create one for you.

My journey has been a very interesting one that sometimes I laugh at myself for all the errors I have made. Time wasted, years I would have been productive, but I stood for nothing

I allowed fate to ride my boat, tossing me through storms without navigating me through the right course.

Every way is not a way

Have been looking for ways to get my works out there, I know I’m good at writing and speaking.

create a vision statement

A friend of mine invited me to a show where I would get to meet lots of people. I decided to use that as an avenue in meeting presenters. I got carried away and I said I wanted to be a host.

Being a speaker falls into a different category. One could be an entertainer or an educator. I didn’t write down my vision so I felt I could do anyone since I was a good speaker.

Make your vision plain

I didn’t make my vision plain so I fell for anything. This also applies to all areas of our life, not just career. Relationships for me can be put under 30% I suck at keeping them. Not because I’m not a good person or a faithful girl but because I actually do not know what I want in a guy.

Since last year have been going on a self-development journey and I have a clear understanding of what I want. This indecisiveness has caused me to fall for any guy. Some were just supposed to be friends but we ended up as lovers.

Stop falling for anything and create a vision board. 
  • Why I’m I here: this becomes your vision. Ask yourself lots of why’s until you figure it Out
  • What I’m I supposed to do: this becomes your mission. Now you would know what job offers to take, what guys to date, how to project your vision.

Are you falling for anything?

It’s time to create a vision statement , you can’t be falling for everything and wasting your years.

An idle man falls for anything. Today he’s a plumber, tomorrow an electrician, next time you hear he is a tailor. He has no vision so he falls for everything.

Today, I’m challenging you to write down your vision and navigate it till it gets to the top. How are you going to take your business to the next level depends on your vision for the business.

Think big and globally

Don’t drown in the storm

Speak to the storm

Never give up

Do this before you quit

One of the things that makes me happy is my dreams. Even though things are not going well for me I try my best to get out of that moody state because I know everything is working out for my good.

My words are traveling far and wide impacting lives because that’s what I’m called for.

I’m going to be so rich as a blogger and a writer.

A vision has been laid but for all this to be achieved, I need to work towards it. How will I achieve this is what that matters?

Are you finding it difficult writing down a vision, a new episode would be posted on Thursday. How to write a vision, this would guide you in writing your vision.

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  • andrea frazer paventi

    Okay,I love this and as I see God in synchronicity, I can say he is here because I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE with someone about this very topic. I am interviewing her for her new book on my Taco Tuesday posts and she got to talking marketing. I’m more “writerly” so we decided I would help her with the writing and she’d help me with my brand. She asked two questions: If you were at a party, what could you talk about all night? (Me: Faith and Writing.) She then said, “That’s your brand!” And that is so very true. I, too, used to be very Aaron Bure-like. “I spit, you shit, we’ll see where it lands.” LOL. I want to do less spitting and shitting and more focused writing! Thank you for being the affirmation for me! (Now back to Ebaying. That’s what a gal does to get through the summer with teenagers in between writing blogs and articles.) Andrea

    • D_analyzt

      Thank you so much for commenting. You actually greased me to continue doing the work I do here . I’m more of the writing and talking type. I could talk about so many things ,from faith ,writing , business, societal issue , less of politics etc . once again thanks for reading 💝

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