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Beginner’s guide to self hosted blog

Getting a self hosted blog is a good thing but exhausting for a newbie . I don’t have a website designing skill but I deserve some credit cause I pulled all of this together by myself plus plenty of helps from google and YouTube and of course I got tons of advise from friends .

So let’s say we did a good job but I’m not yet satisfied with all of this . I love getting things right and that took me one whole month . I have been using a free WordPress site since last year October and have written good amount of post . so check then out if you are a new visitor.

Writing on a free WordPress was easy cause I didn’t have to deal with yoast seo and all that but now I have to write my post to be seo friendly .

All of this is exhausting to me . Setting up my blog took all my time , data, strength and peace of mind . I couldn’t sleep well at night cause I’m up the next thing I think of is setting it up to be presentable.

Why you should self host your blog ?

Using a free WordPress didn’t give me total control over my site ,all I did was write and post . The display wasn’t what I really wanted , I couldn’t put my blog in search engines but it was free and I loved using it .

If you want to take blogging serious then you need to own a domain, only then can you make money off it. Along my journey I would be teaching as I learn different ways to make money from blogging .

  • Owning a domain gives you total control of your blog
  • It makes you professional
  • It allows you install plugins on your site
  • It allows you control your site contents etc
  • You can monetize your blog (make money off it )

So if you are a newbie and want to self host your blog I would advise you to get someone who knows how to do it to put you through at every step of the way but if you want to be like me then I’ll give you some tips .

Beginner's guide to self hosted blog

Steps into self hosted blog


The first step everyone needs to put in check if they want to get their website live is to get a good hosting service . like I said I’m new to this thing and I haven’t tried out other hosting service but I’m using whogohost . Their service is great and I can call them on the phone and be like ” can you help me fix this ? How do I do this?” . yeah so if you in Nigeria and looking for a hosting company check out whogohost . Their plan is awesome


I also got my domain name for just 3900 naira from whogohost. Awesome right . so after getting your hosting and domain what next ? .


so your hosting service would provide you with your cpanel login details . trust me I don’t know what all of that is but I know what WordPress is . so I installed WordPress on my site .

Setting up

This is one of the most exhausting part. To set up WordPress to your taste . I advise you watch different video on YouTube for this part cause I can’t give you the best advise . But it all boils down to choosing a great theme , installing your plugins ( this determines how your site would look like ) , verifying your site on google search console ( this helps google rank your site) setting up your mailing list ( I’m using mailchimp) and other bunch of stuffs .

Setting up a blog when you have no technical knowledge is draining . I wish I have a clue about this but I don’t but soon I would .

Learning graphics and web designing would be the best thing to ever happen to me .
Finally I got my site up and I’m ready .

Are you ready for me ?
What’s your thought on self hosting ? Have you tried to set up your blog on your own without any knowledge?

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