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Be the government of yourself

Back in secondary school, there was a song we normally sing and it goes like this

Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow, try to pay our school fees and give us a sound education.

I think most people who sing this song do not understand the concept around it, so there is room for misinterpretation. Some do not know the meaning of education first of all and who the message was directed to.


Let’s analyze the song together;
First, the kids were addressing their parents, telling them to pay their fees so they would be educated because they believe education will make them the leaders of tomorrow.

Be the government of yourself

Funny enough most of those people who sang that song are not the leaders of today and there are more people singing that same song who not all will end up being the leaders of tomorrow, why?

Misinformation to the concept of “education “.

Education which they seek was not properly communicated to them or maybe they didn’t understand the concept. Most people went to school but are not educated.

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I was in a tricycle today going home when a man said to me “I was among the brilliant ones back in school, we used to sing we are the leaders of tomorrow when those who are ruling now were our leaders back then. look at me today, Do you know I ought to be receiving salaries or be paid a certain amount of money as a citizen but look at us. we are in the dungeon. Nigeria is in the dungeon”



I replied to the man by saying ” why are you not the leader of today ” he said, “I am not the leader of today because the government has failed”. I shook my head and said to him ” do you know there were people in your set who are now the leaders of today, how did they become the leaders and you are still here”

I tried to make him understand that he is the government of himself so he has to take up responsibility but he couldn’t come to the light of that.



The man refused to accept the fact that he is the government of himself. He kept on arguing and I left him, why because he does not have the right education. He just went to school with no education.

Most people sing that song with the intent that the governmental position is the only place you lead. They also think that going to school will make them leaders of tomorrow and successful. There are lots of people who went to school but are not even close to the word lead talkless of leaders. it’s simply because they didn’t receive the right education and they believe that the government will come to their rescue.

Be the government of yourself


If we look at the system of Nigeria we would know that a structure hasn’t been set in place. People in America have actually set a structure for them so the less privileged can also survive but that hasn’t been set up here in Nigeria. All Nigerians do is compare themselves and nation to that of developed nations but can’t come to a place of taking responsibility and becoming the government of themselves.

You born in Nigeria wasn’t a mistake if all of us were taken to the good part of the world then who will help grow the underdeveloped places. God is not a fool for bringing people to Africa, the world can’t be void. So people are placed in every part of the world so they can affect a change.


The Americans are able to come together and make things work for themselves without actually waiting for the government. They were able to get systems and structures to work. They studied the system and made it work. Wherever you find yourself, study the structure and the system of the place and work to make things work out for you.


Government of yourself

You can sit and say this is the way things ought to be but since it is not the way it ought to be then you have to work and make things be the way it ought to be. it’s not about you sitting and waiting for things to be. Since it ain’t that way then make it be that way but some Nigerians don’t want to hear this.

Some are ignorant and are still waiting for the government. The government doesn’t even know how to make things work. We the bright-minded people have to stand up and start making things work. But how we do effect such change. It starts with us becoming the change we want to see.



It starts with us educating ourselves and seeing beyond limits. It starts with us working hard to become the leaders and lead the nation to where it ought to be. So I urge you as I urge myself, don’t let anything stop you. Don’t let the government stop you. Don’t let your mind stop you. Don’t let society stop you.


Stop waiting for the government. Stop waiting for everything to be rosy before you start. Start now.

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I woke up with this word from my sleep

“Go for it“.

I quickly caught the word and kept saying it.

Go for it.

I’ll write a blog post on it soon but before then you are still the leader of tomorrow and tomorrow is today. So make today better, lead well today, invest in that dream, that vision, study the system and make things work for you.

No one will help you if you don’t start by helping yourself. People become interested in you when they see what you are doing so start doing and let God do wonders in your life.


You’ll be so surprised how he brings you into the harvest. A sower of good seeds always reaps good seed so start sowing that seed and let it grow into a good tree that brings forth good fruits.

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  • Ayansola Ibukun

    Many simply go through the four walls of the academic institution. The institution doesn’t pass through them or affect them. Proper education must affect three things about a man: His brain, his heart and his hands. It all begins with the mind.

    It’s sad that many sought education just for the degree/certificate and spent countless hours mostly stuffing their brains with needless theory. Truth is, education is supposed to sharpen our reasoning about the real world and make us amenable to its dynamic.

    Fine read this.

    • D_analyzt

      Wow, I love this, ok so I’m going to include your comment on my blog. It’s so sad so many people have the wrong mentality about education and this is really affecting them. Thank you for your comment my dear friend.

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