Be productive

The power to create the life we want has been placed in our hands. God has given us the ability to create , he has placed in us the power to do good works and be productive in all areas of our life .

Be productive with the work of your hands

Stop giving excuses

A lot of times , I hear people say this to themselves ” There’s no job ” . They’ve made it plain that the reason they are not productive is because of the government . it is the underlying factor to their idleness. So many Africans blame the government for their idleness and poverty .

The government is not responsible for your failure. Start creating opportunities for yourself . click to read this post if you don’t know what step to take in creating opportunities for yourself .

Be Responsible

You are responsible for your life , whatever the outcome is . if it turns out bad , you are responsible for changing it .if it turns out right,you are responsible for it.

Whether you are jobless, unhappy , you are responsible. Until we stop looking for who to blame we won’t see the cause of our problem.

Get moving

It is what we say that tends to manifest in our lives . our words are energies that have the power to create life or destroy.

A fresh graduate out of college , goes seeking for a job . After submitting his application in the places he knows he would perform better,he was rejected. He gives up deciding on staying at home . He’s usual conversation would be ” There’s no job

Other people who have gone before him might be facing same issue . They might be employed but not using their certificate, so it means college was a waste of time .

The undergraduates already knows the market is not a favourable place while those who have not gone through college are already discouraged . Some would say ” school is a scam,there’s no need . just make your money anyway you can ” They do all sort of things to make money .

Some time back I wrote a post school is not a scam ,do well to read .

You do not go through college just because you want a job . You do not go to school because you want to earn a living . You go to school to learn , to receive new knowledge. The knowledge received there would then be transformed and inputted to produce result . Knowledge is not enough ,you need skills and sophistication .

Are you relying on just your certificate

Self development is a skill we must all acquire . There are lots of skills we need in order to succeed in business, from management to marketing ,problem solving , communication etc .

Haven’t you wondered why people seek for experience in certain fields before employing . Its not like a fresh graduate can’t do the job but do they posses certain skill and ability to run the job.

Skill acquisition + your certificate + sophistication would take you to places your certificate alone won’t .

The only achievement on some peoples C.V is their degree and most times this degree they can’t defend. We should all learn to step out of the box and learn other stuffs for ourselves .

Stop blaming the economy . There are lots of website that offers free courses that you can take and include in your C.V

Be sophisticated

Be productive , learn new skill

If you can’t afford college or further your education ,then take up free courses.

Learn coding

Learn other courses like writing, coding , etc @ edx

Skill share is there also

This course offers everything about blogging , social media marketing , email marketing etc ,they also have give out certificate when you take their test >>>> emarketing

Take courses here ..they are all free >>> open learn

Follow on twitter moment with bren. She post about different courses we could take to develop ourselves and also add to our C.V . Stop being idle ,be productive .

Learn Humanitarian skill

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Asking questions is the foundation of critical thinking. Before you can solve a problem, you must be able to critically analyse and question what is causing it. The highest sort out job is problem solving. Whatever business you are into,think of ways to solve others needs .
  • Agility & Adaptability : We live in an uncertain and complex world. Hence, It’s important to be able to adapt and redefine one’s approach to facilitating change . Be able to work under certain conditions with people .
  • Punctuality : Are you a late comer , do you deliver on time ? Work on this
  • Research and reading habit: Learn always
  • Discipline : This is one skill we take lightly but it is of great value to every organization

Be of good works ,this is how God will bless you. He blesses the work of our hands . Remember to always say the right words . We are on a journey and we would all get to our destination . Never give up , learn the lesson and be productive.

When something is not working , instead of staying idle ,look for other ways to make that thing work . what course are you going to take? I’m already learning more about blogging and writing . Be productive today

Work is Gods primary meet of bringing wealth into our life .

I am a channel of Gods wealth , through me Gods resources would come to the earth .

This should be your daily confession .

Do you have a business you want to grow ,need ideas on how to grow that work in your hands ?

I’m available to talk to , we could talk about it .

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    • D_analyzt

      yes we are. sometimes we are scared of putting blames on ourselves, even when we are wrong we try to justify things. but we should all learn to be responsible for the things around us ,when we are wrong we should say it and adjust

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