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I was updating my novel this morning . As usual I wake up very early to write . The cock had crow and I knew soon it would be sunrise . I thought on what to share with you guys today . no inspiration was coming but I was ready to receive whatever idea that  would come to my head . Then I decided to listen to a podcast . immediately I played the podcast ,a thought strike in my head and it said

        Be different

Are you different ? I want you to ask yourself this question . Am I different ? What do I do that my friends don’t do ? Are you different from your peers ? We weren’t born same so why are you same with them?

In your business ,what do you do that’s different and your neighbour who sells same thing doesn’t do ? . in your education how do you read your books in a way your friends don’t read ?

The reason you are the same with your friend is because you have failed to know who you are and do your own thing . instead you are doing what your friend is doing.  If you are in that category I want you to change that . we were all born with our own talent ,passion and goals . so when we try to be like others? If we do so we are not fulfilling that which God has put in us . I can say I do not want to be an inspirational blogger anymore and be a gossip blogger which is the new trend and make good money out of it but no that’s not my calling .

You might be selling and not having much profit as Mr .B is selling and you are wondering why ? But you guys do sell same thing . the reason is because Mr B is creative. He has thought of how he would handle he’s business so he can yield more result . I call it packaging some call it voodoo. No its not jazz its packaging ,be creative and apply it to your business .

As a student do you read every day or you read only when there is exams or you don’t read at all . when Mr b is coming first or top of the class you are complaining and saying he’s brain is on fire  . no its  not he has decided to invest more time in reading.


You may ask yourself who am I ? Its very important to know who you are ,to follow your passion ,to find your niche . its very important if you must be successful . some years ago I battled with this also ,I didn’t know who I was or rather I got lost among my peers. I didn’t know who I was anymore,I wanted to be all sort of crazy things you never could have imagine but that wasn’t me ,that wasn’t who I was . then I was able to find my path ,I was able to come out of the chains that held me behind,it took discipline and if I had not disciplined myself I wouldn’t have found my true self .

You are creative ,that’s who you are . find it within you so we can all join hands in changing the world .

The Government is not going to change the world but individuals listening to the muses and joining hands,changing one person at a time .

We do not have to wait for the government to change our world . this is why we have to be in our true nature ,we have to be creative. we have to think and invite our muses . we have to put our Brains to work so we can touch lives .

creative souls are called to create a world that works for everybody . creativity can save the world. if you are breathing you are highly creative to do what you are called to do . listen to your muses

Ask yourself ,am I breathing ? Yes you are breathing . then that’s enough to heal the world ,that’s enough to save the world . that’s enough to put that idea out and use it to drive change .

You may ask what is a muse ? A muse is a thought of inspiration . I didn’t have my inspiration this morning but I knew where I could find it then my muse started working in me,giving me this brilliant idea . then I’m writing its birthing more ideas I never thought I would share with you .

How do you invite your muse ?Be ready . if you are not ready to receive it then it won’t come .  They give the good stuff to people who are ready . Have you ever been in a position where you thought of something but you never did it and someone else does it . you will be surprise and say to yourself I thought of that also . then why didn’t you do it ? you don’t have to be perfect ,just do it,they keep giving you the ideas . you don’t try to be perfect ,you just show up and they come in .

its like me saying I want to teach a class group how to dance . each day I go to rehearsals, I teach them . sometimes I don’t feel like going for rehearsal but I’m there still teaching them ,my muse has seen I’m always ready ,I’m available to learn something new ,then it gives me a new dance move in the process of dancing . I don’t know if that has happened to you before . something you never thought of or something you’ve never done it gives you an idea and say try it out . then you do it and it comes out good .

When I’m writing sometimes ,I think of words to write ,my muse gives me big words I haven’t thought about ,then I check it up in the dictionary and its correct . its ready to give you ideas so just have to  be ready to receive it .

Once you start doing it you will discover its the most easiest thing you ever done . it may be hard at first but later it becomes interesting .

When creating things you might not like it,but keep going cause eventually you going to like it . just like when you come home  from a vacation ,you turn on your tap ,the water that comes out first is brown before the good ones come out . its just like creativity ,it comes out horrible at first then it becomes good later .

Its OK to create horrible music ,write horrible books ,just create ,it would get better . when I first started writing it wasn’t as good as it is now, there has been an improvement.  So its definitely OK to write and create horrible things but learn more,read more so you can improve better.  As you learn you open up your mind to receive your muse .

Its better to  participate in the rain doing something rather than sitting back with a towel over your head .

So stop going with the crowd ,be creative,don’t do what others are doing . be different. As long as you are breathing ,you can do it ,find yourself . don’t get lost in the crowd ,follow your passion it will yield result.

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I am not specific, I am a lot of positive energies distributing parts of me to everyone I come across. A writer who wants to affect lives and change the world. How am I going to do that? Why don't you find out yourself 😏


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