Am grateful


Oh! how grateful
I am
To my journey through life

How fast my boat dunked due to the numerous stones I threw in it
Swimming with the mermaids searching for something I couldn’t recall

Always looking in each gate I entered
Am grateful for the times I sat and opened up my eyes letting the waters free

Free from the pains that has been locked up in my friable heart
How I was able to line up my ashes in a white paper and smoking it away

Smoking away the fragility with nothing left but stones

Am grateful for the number of times have been stabbed right through the chest hoping it would hit my heart only for it to bounce back , am impenetrable

But there has always been a purpose
One I couldn’t run from even when my stone filled heart turned me into monster

Purpose found me from the bottom of the sea and birthed me up to the surface that I may become dry again

Dry and new like a fresh baked bread

Where are my stains ? my stoned heart ?my dred locks ?where are the smokes in my hands or the ladies in my bed?


It all seems like one of those film tricks but trust me its God’s plan

I was casted away but he drew me close
Chased by demons but he became my shield
Arrested my drugs but he cleansed me

He called me unto SALVATION

Opening the eyes of my understanding so that I may see the tree of life and death and choose life

Am grateful because am a TESTIMONY

Shouting on rooftops

Salting out the world with the word he has placed on my tongue to spit out life

Am grateful for my journey for it’s been a story for his glory to shine through


What are you grateful for ?

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I am not specific, I am a lot of positive energies distributing parts of me to everyone I come across. A writer who wants to affect lives and change the world. How am I going to do that? Why don't you find out yourself 😏


  • Ibukun

    So she writes poems!? And beautifully well at that! I rejoice with you Blessing. Many haven’t gone half the road you walked and have been crushed by their toxic cravings. But here you are: stronger and better. Your life is indeed a testimony and a blessing to people who you’ll come to impart positively.

    Live and thrive dear.

    • D_analyzt

      You always make me smile . thank you
      I’m learning to bring out every part of me and just go with the rhythm .

      I do send some replies but I don’t think you see them …can you check my replies on your previous comment

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