All we need is a little inspiration

He sweeps me off my feet, taking me off the shackles that held me behind . pulling me off the chains of stagnation that held me behind . hearing those words gave me an assurance that I could go one more day. 


Sometimes I’m down ,sometimes I don’t feel like writing ,sometimes I don’t get the inspiration I want to share . I try to make videos but I don’t do it ,I laugh at myself and just turn off the camera ,sometimes I lack motivation .

Everyone does . when I wake up in the morning ,I think of what to share ,different thoughts comes through my mind. Sometimes I make blog post in the night to share with you guys the next day but when I’m up there’s a different inspiration just like today .

I Still feel down ,I still feel sad . I don’t like when I’m not getting things right ,it has a lot of effects on me.  I know you might also be going through this phase . as we go through it together what we need is a dose of inspiration.  What we need is the key to move forward ,we need someone to cheer us up and tell us we can do it . we need someone who is down for us to say ‘ don’t worry much ,everything gonna be alright ‘ .

In a situation where we can’t find such people who then inspires us ? This is why I’m writing to you today . I’m saying things may not be going well ,you may not be getting it right . you may not be working right ,you might have failed today ,you may have thoughts of giving up . the voices in your head might have said you are a failure ,there might not be as much profit in that business and you feel its time to quit .

Wait ,sit down ,relax and think of tomorrow.  Visualize how you intend on growing in that which you are doing today . the future seem bright in your head right ? Then why do you want to give up today . there are set backs…yes …but without a setback there is no comeback. Without darkness there is no light .

So don’t give up ,do it and do it ,even though you fail keep doing it.  Even though you are not getting it right still do it . I had great difficulties setting up this blog ,I’m not getting the result I want but I’m still doing it. Keep doing it and it would pave way for you.

No house wasn’t built on a foundation . lay your bricks today until it develops into the mansion you want it to and you will be glad you never gave up . 💖

I am not specific, I am a lot of positive energies distributing parts of me to everyone I come across. A writer who wants to affect lives and change the world. How am I going to do that? Why don't you find out yourself 😏

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