all we need is a little inspiration

All we need is a little inspiration

He sweeps me off my feet, taking off the shackles that held me behind. Pulling me off the chains of stagnation, hearing those words gave me an assurance that I could go one more day. Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration.  


Sometimes I’m down. I don’t feel like writing. I don’t get the inspiration to share my thoughts, I try to make videos but it turns out weird. I laugh at myself and just turn off the camera, I lose motivation too.

We all do. When I wake up in the morning, I think of what to share, different thoughts come through my mind. Sometimes I write a blog post in the night to share on my blog, the next day there’s a different inspiration just like today.

I Still feel down, I still feel sad. I  don’t like when I’m not getting things right, it has a lot of effects on me. You might also be going through this phase too.  As we go through it together, what we need is a dose of inspiration. We need the key to move forward, sometimes we need someone to cheer us up and tell us we can do it. we need someone who is down for us to say ‘ don’t worry much, everything gonna be alright’.

In situations where we can’t find such people. who then inspires us? This is why I’m writing to you today. I’m saying things may not be going well, you may not be getting it right. you may not be working right, you might have failed today, you may have thoughts of giving up. The voices in your head might have said you are a failure, there might not be as much profit in that business and you feel its time to quit.

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Wait! sit down, relax and think of tomorrow.  Visualize how you intend on growing in that which you are doing now. The future seems bright in your head, right? Then why do you want to give up today? There are setbacks, yes, but without setbacks, there is no comeback. Without darkness, there is no light.

So don’t give up, do it, keep doing it, even if it means you failing keep doing it.  Even though you are not getting it right still do it. I had great difficulties setting up this blog. I’m not getting the result I want but I’m still doing it. Keep doing it and it would pave way for you.

No house wasn’t built on a foundation. lay your bricks today until it develops into the mansion you want it to and you will be glad you never gave up.


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