All hope is not lost ;have faith in God

Life a turning table, presenting itself each day. when all hope seems to be lost we have faith in God for he has good plans for us.

As a kid, have always been hopeful. I know things would work out for me. Was it the fact that my dad was well to do? well maybe. It was an assurance for us that dad is going to provide. We went to the best school, ate good food, wore good clothes, life was easy.

Have faith in God

I dreamed of myself in America studying, it has always been my dream not to school here in Nigeria. Dad was there so it was so possible to school out of this country.


My dad had just built our house, we were so excited about moving there. It was the best feeling ever, and yes we did move and settled there. Three months later, some fine Boys also know as armed robbers came to collect their national cake. We weren’t allowed to live there in peace, each day was game of thrones, always fighting with the dragons. We couldn’t handle all of that and we had to move out.


I was still in my senior secondary school about to write WAEC to go to university. The vision of going abroad became blurry, it wasn’t clear anymore. Was it a false prophecy? My mind had the picture stuck up there but life seemed cruel to me not giving me what I wanted. Well, I had to take it as it came.


My hope for schooling abroad was tarnished but life went on. I carried my bag to the university which I never wanted to go to. On the day of my post time, I didn’t want to write it because they said my gown was too short. I was so mad that day. I had no other option than to go buy a new gown just to write that exam.


I had another school filled out as my first choice, I passed their cut off mark but they didn’t give me admission. The school I didn’t want shortlisted my name for the first batch. I was happy though and that was how I packed my belongings and went to hell.

I had to perform well even though it wasn’t my dream school. Things were still OK with my parents at that time but in my year three, we went from 100-0 real quick. Imagine having all you want at your disposal and all of a sudden its all gone, your house, your car, your money, your food, your clothes, everything gone in a twinkle of an eye.

Have faith in God

Yes, we lost everything that we couldn’t afford a meal. Dad could no longer send me money in school, I had to make ends meet myself. Anytime I came home I wept. I stayed up all night looking at the ceiling, shedding tears because I couldn’t sleep. The thoughts of being broke hunted me like crazy, it took sleep away from my eyes.

I could feel my dad’s pain but he’s a strong man and never cries but I heard his inner tears. My mother is a strong woman, she did everything just so food could be on our table. She even sold her wrappers just so I could go back to school. My mom sold everything just to see me graduate, and yes I did graduate.


She would go to the farm just so we could eat, this was a life she wasn’t used to but she had to do it just to make ends meet. Sometimes at home, we would gather and laugh. We weren’t laughing at the fact that something was funny, we were laughing at our brokenness. When my mom makes some kind of food and we gather to eat, she says things like ” make una thruway food again na “


Back then when it was all rosy, the amount of food in our dustbin was much than the ones we ate. We were always throwing away food, its either it ain’t sweet or we got tired of eating it.


Today, I am a graduate, the food ain’t a problem in my home anymore. My mother doesn’t have to sell anything. We are living fine and things are going well. Even though we haven’t gotten to the stage we were at the beginning, each day God comes through and we see his evidence in our lives.


Why am I sharing this story?

Its to tell you that nothing is too small or big for God to handle. There are lessons to be learned in every situation, so learn the lesson. Have faith in God for he always comes through.

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I believe my father lost his wealth because he refused to learn. This time he would be more sensible to hide even though he’s wealthy because there are people who wouldn’t want you to succeed.

Have faith in God

Don’t feel pressured or sad about anything, don’t think about what your mates are doing. Don’t say is God not seeing me, he’s blessing peter and he can’t bless me. You have no mate, God treats everyone specially. Focus on him and know what he is saying at all times. Do not let what is happening right now take you out of God’s plan in your life.


His plan is not of evil, he has good plans for you so keep doing that which is right, good and submit yourself to God. Some people are quick to blame God for their loss or misfortune when truly it was their disobedience that led them there. Believe in yourself, you are the only one with that vision, so keep driving it.

Have faith in God

Yes, I know it’s not easy, but what is the worst that can happen if you keep chasing your dreams. Two things can happen, it’s either you succeed or you fail, if you fail try again. Keep trying until you get it. One thing the devil does is that he makes you lose confidence in yourself, he tells you ” look at your mate, you are wasting your time, you are too old, you are not good enough”.

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OK fine let’s agree that he is right, but what about him. Where are his mates? He was an angel that was sent to hell, his mates are In heaven but look at him, in hell. He’s not where his mates are. Why should someone who is not where his mates are telling you to look at your mate? He’s a stupid guy, don’t listen to him you have no mate.


So keep going after that dream, learn to take away negativity, be open to anything, don’t limit yourself. Stop crying, it will work out. The dream might be blurry but it doesn’t matter, keep going it will become so clear like your reality.


When all hope is lost, have faith in God. He wants to be there at every step of the way. He doesn’t want you to run to him when you have lost your hope alone. He doesn’t want you to run to him when you are down alone.


Even in your happiness, he wants to be there, even when you go out he wants to tell you things but how does he tell you when you don’t let him in.

Philippians 4:6 Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Even in the midst of trials and temptation the Lord shall give us peace, make it known to him.
Prayer is a conscious effort, we all need to cultivate the habit of speaking with God and waiting for him to talk to us. God wants to tell you everything so ask him to come into your life.

Prayer works ,have faith in God

He always comes through, he came through for me and he’s always coming through for me. Is it you that he so much love that he won’t come through for, have faith in God today.

Now I see God as my father who has provided everything for me, there’s an assurance I have that my future is settled. I believe strongly that everything I want in life, I would have it. I just have to be obedient.

I have been battling with some thoughts these few days but no more shall they have Dominion over me, I control everything.

I have the power, I have victory. I am victorious, I walk in that consciousness. Negative thoughts have no dominion over me, I reign in life, I think positively. My thoughts are in line with God’s word. Thank you, Lord, for I am an overcomer.

Today I say to you, all hope is not lost, have faith in God, it will work out for you.

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  • Ayansola Ibukun

    You gave such an intriguing account – thanks for sharing your experience with us. It helps us better appreciate the essence of your write-up. Your account of Dad’s change in fortune was sobering but at the same time instructive. This is the situation of many homes today. For instance, I wouldn’t say I had a rosy upbringing having being raised by a single mother who a civil servant and got stipends for salary. Looking back now, I can see how much she had to sacrifice for me to have a better life. I can relate to those periods of hardship. However, through it all, God was faithful.

    Your message in this post is apt and inspiring: “Never let your experience/present state keep you from seeing God’s faithfulness. Never give up on life or your dreams because things are currently working contrarily for you presently. No matter how bad it may be, God is still at work in you and is making all things work together for your good. Have a faith in Him and trust him to take you to where you want to be. Time is not a limitating factor because it won’t matter how much time you’ve lost when God happens”.

    Thanks for sharing this. God bless you always.

    P.S. “When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, they be like they that dream”. For all you and your family lost, you’ll have double.

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